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New Content – Vastborn of the Shattered Hand – Creatures of Vathis: Volume 1

In this spotlight we will be looking into the agents of the Shattered Hand, known as the Vastborn.

Why A Bestiary? Creatures of Vathis: Volume One

We decided around a year or so ago to begin work on our new tabletop roleplaying supplement, The Creatures of Vathis, after receiving feedback from the tabletop community as a whole. People wanted to see the specific entities of the Shattered Hand, known...

Creatures of Vathis: Volume One – On Kickstarter: 2/1/2018

Starting on 2/1/2018, Starcalled Studios will be launching a Kickstarter aimed at printing our next supplement titled “Creatures of Vathis: Volume One”. This supplement will be a 150 page hardcover book detailing the creatures and threats inside the nations of Vathis within the Zodiac Empires Campaign Setting.

Pantheons of Vathis: Astrian Pantheon

Considered one of the oldest faiths across the breadth of Vathis, the Astrian pantheon is widely revered in the nations of Isild, Vavaire, and Tristan.

The Vath Pantheon – Faiths of Vathis

There are five major pantheons in the world of Zodiac Empires.
Followers of these pantheons all worship the same set of Deities and energies, but they disagree on the depiction of their beloved gods.

The Pantheon of Vathis: Evil Deities, Part 2

Serena  Chaos, Power, Intrigue, Tyranny, Poison, Conquest, Ambition, Status Known primarily for their cunning and convoluted plots, Serena's followers are some of the most infamous of all of the evil faiths in the world. Her shrines are located throughout...

The Pantheon of Vathis: Evil Deities, Part 1

  Kato  Fire, Murder, Savagery, Lies, Cunning, Beasts, Ferocity, Survival  Fire, survival, and murder are all portfolios belonging to Kato, a chaotic evil god who began his existence as a legendary dragon-slaying sword. Kato is known for subtly breaking...

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