The ZodiacEmpires Campaign Setting consists of:

  • 5 Unique Races, each with their own history, culture, and rules.
  • 14 heavily detailed Nations, complete with history stretching back hundreds of years and relevant area information.
  • A highly detailed political landscape (and all the blood that goes along with it)
  • A pantheon of 17 deities, as well as 34 detailed vandiels.
  • Eldria, the magical resource that fueled our industrial revolution, and all of its relevant technology.
  • 10 Major Organizations, as well as 30+ minor ones.
  • Rules for playing Starcalled, and all of the background that goes with it.
  • Rules for creating custom airships, as well as rules for inter-airship combat.

The Creatures of Vathis creature codex contains:

  • Over ONE HUNDRED creatures for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Including seven community submitted entries
  • Though developed with lore from the Zodiac Empires Campaign Setting, these creatures are versatile, and they can be used in ANY 5e game!
  • Within this bestiary, you will find four creature types unique to our world:
    • Vastborn
    • Living Eldria creatures
    • Vathrin Kami
    • The Forsaken.
  • You’ll also find a variety of beasts, monsters, potential mounts, and companions, all itching to be a part of your game.

Pyran, Born of Lava and Brimstone

The Ixen Caldera is a burning wasteland of molten rock and brimstone. The heightened volcanic activity and seismic shifting make it a deadly expanse of terrain for even the most capable individuals who would attempt to cross it. This fiery phenomenon was the result of...

Tempestra, Born of Storms and the Wind

The swirling maelstroms and riling thunderstorms of the Manastorm Chain make it generally inaccessible to the majority of the world. The corrupted and twisted creatures that have been spotted in the region have led scholars to believe that any semblance of...

Folian, Born of Soil and Sunlight

While the most common instances of the Arkhos Spawn coming about is directly tied to the death knells of the Vandiels, there are other ways that Arkhos Tears have formed on the Material Plane. The folian came into existence due to the actions of a powerful sorceress...

Frigian, Born of Ice and Cold

The Rimelan is one of the most well-known concerning residual effects of the Darkest War. Created by the death knell of the aspect of the Vandiel Zenshir, the Rimelan is an enormous frozen stretch of cold and ice. This vast expanse of frosty wasteland has slowly...

The Muri, an Elderling with a Gloom-rat form

Muri, also known as the Children Of Shadow or Ratkin, are a race of elderlings that primarily reside within the darkest places of the plane of shadows known as the Gloom. Their bodies have a deep connection with the Gloom, and even their Gloom-rat forms, which they...
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