Vathis Sentinel Chain of Command and Administration & Vathis Sentinel 5e Background

The continent spanning organization known as the Vathis Sentinels is tasked with peacekeeping and enforcing the tenants of the Vathis Accords across every region under their jurisdiction. Within the Vathis Sentinels four branches exist to determine the scope and responsibilities of those involved. Each of these branches possess a clear chain of command allowing directives and firm leadership to exist throughout the entire organization. 

Vathis Sentinels themselves begin their careers as voluntary recruits who pledge eternal loyalty to the organization and the Vathis Accords they are charged to uphold. A Vathis Sentinel serves for life or until such a time that their retirement from active duty is granted to them by their superior officers and signed off on by the Director of Defense. Such retirements are fairly rare, as most Vathis Sentinels who can no longer serve on active duty eventually move into instructional or administrative positions within the organization. 

In the line of duty a Vathis Sentinel is given directives and orders from commanding officers, and is tasked with completing these charges to the best of their ability. The actions of any one Vathis Sentinel is bound by only two things: the Vathis Accords, and the orders from their commanding officer. Officers within the organization are usually in placed in positions where they are responsible for many other Vathis Sentinels that report to them. These officers are also held responsible for the actions of their subordinates, and as such this tiered system of responsibility forces the Vathis Sentinels to internally police themselves against those who act against the mandate provided by the Vathis Accords, the Council of Vathis, or their superiors. 

At the top of the organization exist four Commanders of the various branches and one Director of Defense who each hold a representative power within the organization. Directives, changes within the organization, and general administration can only be done with a majority vote from these five leaders. Changes to the overall organization are handed down by the Council of Vathis directly to these five leaders, in order to facilitate the operational changes required. Typically, the Council of Vathis can only make legitimate changes to the directives of the Vathis Sentinels by a majority vote from within the council. Such was the case when rampant corruption was discovered within the organization during the early decades of the Vathis Sentinel’s existence.

Corruption and abuse of power are topics the Vathis Sentinels are highly vigilant against, as their capabilities of enforcement are only scaled back when such cases become prevalent. As it stands, the Vathis Sentinels are forced to uphold both local laws of their deployed station, as well as the Vathis Accords. For instance, a Vathis Sentinel stationed in Vavaire must strive to enforce both Vavairen local law, as well as the Vathis Accords, to the best of their ability. However, Vathis Sentinels can utilize the Safeguard Clause, allowing them ultimate jurisdiction over local authorities, including the ability to refuse to enforce local laws if such a law is in violation of the Vathis Accords. 

In the past, and even during the present, Vathis Sentinels have acted outside of the confines of the Vathis Accords and attempted to gain either individual benefits, or organizational benefit by utilizing certain tenants of the Vathis Accords outside of their intent, or by blatantly ignoring or flaunting those decrees. Such acts are deemed treasonous to the Vathis Sentinels and are dealt with internally by the organization. For example, a Vathis Sentinels may over enforce their ability to arrest and detain citizens, search and seize belongings, and requisition goods or services by utilizing a false pretense to gain benefits for themselves or others. Such acts are seen as blatant corruption within the organization. In turn, complaints from citizens, and especially other Vathis Sentinels are investigated thoroughly by members of the organization outside of the jurisdiction the acts have taken place in. The Council of Vathis has even imposed their own investigations into the organization when corruption falls at a high level of leadership. 

Vathis Sentinels found to be at fault in such events and brought to criminal charges usually face severe penalties. Such penalties may include, but are not limited to, loss of rank, loss of pay for a time period, suspension without pay, stationed post reassignment, forcing to pay damages to the injured party, imprisonment for a period of time, or even execution. Trail and judgement is set forth by an impartial arbiter from the Council of Vathis, and five Vathis Sentinels of equal rank. Judgement of such an individual is taken very seriously among the Vathis Sentinels, with appeals and pardons only being granted by all five leaders of the organization as well as a member of the Council of Vathis.


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