The Pantheon of Vathis: Neutral Deities, Part 2


Honor, War, Strategy, Oaths, Vengeance, Battle,

The goddess Junon was once a great mortal warrior called Kurzen.

Kurzen succeeded in saving the world and was granted divinity in reward, which he later shucked for a second mortal form known as Junon. Yet again Junon prevailed, and yet again Junon took her place among the divines of Vathis. As a goddess, Junon preaches the virtues of war, and she seeks to foster conflict for no other reason than to cultivate warriors and admire the varied arts of warfare. Her devout followers, the Juns, are professional soldiers, warriors, and strategists. Ley-worshippers of Junon are typically champions of the Essel Tournament and career fighters. The most pious of her followers pilgrimage to a location known as Junon’s Rest, the place where the mortal body of Junon was interred in an age long past. The world-renowned Dark Knights also worship her fervently, and her organized clergy sometimes acts as mercenary groups. Junon values honor, valiancy, oaths, and vengeance. As a Deity, she is viewed as temperamental and aggressive, and she is liked by few of her divine brethren. She is actually a quiet and reserved individual who could be considered a master strategist above all else, but she when riled or wronged, she is an unstoppable force of fury and vengeance. She attempts to subvert Astea and Bastion’s plans for peace, and she is sometimes taken advantage of by Serena, who is known to manipulate Junon and her followers into performing acts of aggression that ultimately work towards Serena’s goals.


Death, Neutrality, Justice, Destiny, Judgment, Autumn,

Death, neutrality, destiny, autumn, and the afterlife are all domains belonging to the goddess Mileen, who is also called The Judge.

She acts as the curator of souls, and she alone shepherds the dead to their rightful places from her seat in the grand temple, The Final Tribunal, found in The Realm. Followers of Mileen are funeral directors, grief counslers, and active opponents of necromancy and undeath. Those who seek to preserve the natural order of life and death find solace in MIleen’s churches. Her formal clergy is organized in a strict hierarchy denoted by outfits of varying shadys of black, white, and grey. They observe no formal religious holidays, but pray and rest on days in which close family members and loved ones have passed away. Many in her clergy seek out the Life Mirror, a crystalline cliffside in Armeria, where one can speak with the dead. Mileen teaches her followers to view life and death as gifts, and to equate the two as parts of one greater whole. Milar believe that death should be natural, merciful, and respected. Mileen’s clergy was overworked and in high demand during the Darkest War, as countless perished on the fields of battle. It is only in recent years that they have begun to recover and reorganize their efforts. As a goddess, Mileen is reserved and hesitant. She moves against the evil, necromantic works of Tesiline, who mocks all she stands for. Keindrinas and Kato are also enemies of this goddess of death, for they take pleasure in sending the living to Mileen’s grace before their rightful time. Vangal and Astea are among Mileen’s closest allies.


Dragons, Earth, Strength, Mountains, Mining, Trade,
Craft, Wealth

Naugrix, the Scaled Father, is the patron god of both the vasar and the dwarves.

For eons the two races have fought for his favor, each claiming to be the true children of Naugrix. It is only in recent years that they’ve established a truce and decided to co-occupy Winsor Valley, a Naugrin holy site, as tenuous allies. Naugrix holds sway over dragons, earth, strength, mountains, trade, and craft. He is one of four dragon Deities who preside over Vathis, and as such, his instincts drive him to hoard worshippers and wealth. He is a patient god, and he speaks to his followers in slow and subtle ways. Naugrix is most pleased when his worshippers follow his dogma and seek to increase their personal wealth at least once a week. Churches to Naugrix are beautiful displays of chiseled stone and other purely earthen materials presented in their best light. As a wise god, Naugrix teaches that wealth is not always measured in gold or silver. He is a strong ally of Vangal and Aleydra, two of his divine draconic brethren, and he reseserves his hatred for the last of his psuedo-siblings, the evil goddess Serena. In recent years Naugrix has seen a sharp increase of followers, as the return of dragons to the world drives countless mortals to his worship.


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