The Pantheon of Vathis: Neutral Deities, Part 1


Magic, Ether, Psionics, Knowledge, Dreams, Inspiration, Literature 

Sorcerers, magicians, psions, librarians, and dreamers of all races and nationalities whisper their prayers to the dragon deity Aleydra, the patron goddess of the amari race.

Her devoted are known as Musings, but as a neutral deity of knowledge and magic her followers are spread far and wide, and she attracts ley-worshippers by the millions. Nearly all practitioners of the arcane arts pay homage to her in some fashion. Aleydra is a quiet and subtle goddess, and her guidance is found in the form of cryptic dreams and portents. Churches constructed by her Musings are immense libraries and fonts of knowledge designed to double as both places of worship and places of learning. Within Aleydran churches bookshelves stretch from wall to wall, and scribes of her clergy work tirelessly cataloging information and restoring ancient texts. Hungry minds from all corners of the world pilgrimage from library to library reading the books and scrolls so delicately preserved by the church. Aleydra’s divine dogma emphasizes the importance of knowledge and the power of one’s own mind, while reminding the mortals of the world that magic is neither inherently good nor evil. Psionics are thought to be her chosen tool, and amari her favored race and personal creation. Aleydra encourages her followers to find clever solutions, sharping one’s wit, and preserve all information. Within the pantheon, she is closest to Astea, but part of her reasoning for this may be Aleydra’s desire to remain near her ex-lover and Astea’s protector, the god Vangal. Aleydra always attempts to unravel Uryll’s countless secrets and the two deities clash frequently. Aleydra has few quarrels with most of the evil gods, and she saves her heart’s deepest hatred for the Vandiel called Rumoriskar, the creator of the Waking Nightmare.


Freedom, Luck, Spirit, Discovery, Air, Travel, Adventure, Thievery, Roads, Navigation 

Teiris, the Worldfarer, is a goddess of freedom and air.

Her worshippers are free spirits, pirates, thieves, wanderers, and explorers. It is a rare occurance to find a permanent church devoted to Teiris. Instead, Teirins pray at altars and shrines spread across the land in unexpected places. Her flighty clergy only meets on the Laniri, the day that Teiris was elevated to deityhood. Those who are capable travel to her holy site, a floating mote and Outlaw refuge called the Wandering Star, on this special day. Teiris teaches her followers to choose their own destinies and accept the wild and often inexplicable nature of fate. She also preaches the admiration of beauty, and asks her followers to not take from those who are worse off than themselves. The influence of Teiris is felt in the winds of the skies and waves of the sea. She sings to the restless, and is it thought to be her beautiful song of adventure that drives explorers to the four corners of the world. Captains of both air and sea pay reverence to Teiris, even if she is not their chosen deity, so they may be safe on their voyages. As a goddess, Teiris is ambivilant friend to most of the other gods and goddess. Her heart’s deepest hatred lies with Keindrinas, who enslaves others and takes away one’s personal freedom. Teiris holds Astea in high esteem, and she is a close ally of both Circe and Irilynshaee.


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