The Pantheon of Vathis: Good Deities, Part 2


Healing, Fertility, Family, Joy, Comfort, Nurturing, Summer 

The goddess of lovers and family bestows her gifts upon the mortal realm in the form of love and fertility.

Circe’s influence is felt in the bond of kin and in the pleasures of the flesh. Shrines and temples devoted to Circe can be found in both small towns and great cities, and her places of worship are often houses of pleasure or bathhouses where communities gather. Her clerics are known as Consorts, and most of her upper-level clergy are trained in medicine and midwifery. Circe’s holiest of sites is that of the Mochesea Hospice, a hospital located along the northern shores of the scenic Anglyis Sea. Circites are driven to share joy with one another and heal wounds of any kind, be it emotional or physical. They believe in experiencing pleasure and happiness so long as no harm is caused to another, and they do not shy away from the unnecessary taboos surrounding sex and fertility. When able, Circites travel to Venoch to visit the Mochesea Hospice and take part in an annual summer festival of love held in their goddess’ divine honor. Circe frequently acts as a matchmaker, and her comforting reach extends to the gods as well as to mortals. She spends a great deal of time with the aloof goddess Irilynshaee, and she has also been found in romantic situations with many of the pantheon’s other deities. Circe works against Keindrinas and Kato, who cause undue harm and inflict torment with little to no remorse.


Agriculture, Renewal, Hearth, Abundance, Spring, Livestock

Farmers and homemakers alike pay reverence to Valshathe, the goddess of hearth and home.

She is a calm presence who nurtures the fertility of the soil and brings about the gentle rains of spring. Valshathe teaches her followers to waste not and cherish all natural resources. Sowing, reaping, and replanting after harvest or destruction are divine acts of service and a way for Valshathe to bestow her blessings upon the mortals of the world. Her organized church is split into two sects. The sect known as The Gentle Ones devote themselves to helping other Valshins flourish and establish themselves as workers of the earth. The second sect, Pure Growth, is a more watchful and oftentimes militant sect that aims to prevent others from abusing the land and Valshathe’s various bounties. Both of Valshathe’s organized clergies are headquartered in Unasten, a city in Osept which rests along a lake called Valshathe’s Tears, the goddess’s holy site. The devout of Valshathe attempt to pilgrimage to Unasten at least once in their lives. Clerics of Valshathe are sought out in times of drought or poor harvest, and they are frequently the pillarstones of rural communities who stake their lives on the fickle temperment of the soil they work. Within the pantheon, Valshathe is closest to Astea and Irilynshaee, good goddesses of life and nature. Valshathe opposes the war-like gods who wreak havoc upon the earth in their violent quest for victory, and she actively moves against Tesiline, a goddess who mocks life itself and rips the dead from their rightful place buried within the earth.


Moon, Redemption, Nature, Fey, Winter, Water, Weather, Animals 

Absolution is found in the grace of Irilynshaee, the quiet goddess of redemption, nature, and the moon, who was once two separate goddesses who merged together to become one in a time of dire need.

Her feather-light touch goes unnoticed, and it is common for Irilynshaee’s devout to go through their entire lives without realizing that they are in possession her favor. Her clergy is barely organized, and standing churches constructed in Irilynshaee’s honor are rare, but clerics in her service are typically recognizable and referred to collectively as Winternights. The largest temple devoted to the worship of Irilynshaee can be found in the city of Synethil. Irilysh are compelled by their goddess to redeem the wicked, and when redemption is impossible, remove the stains of darkness from the world by any means necessary. Many druids and shamans find themselves seeking Irilynshaee’s blessing as they travel through the harsh and unforgiving wildness, and makeshift shrines to her divinity can be found in the darkest hearts of the deepest forests where few living souls dare tread. As a goddess, Irilynshaee tends to keep to herself. She only comes close to her sister and savior, Uryll, and on occasion, Circe. Irilynshaee speaks to Astea when it is necessary, but she is otherwise a withdrawn and soft-spoken deity. She hopes to one day destroy Keindrinas, who in the past tortured her and drove her two former selves to become one.


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