The Pantheon of Vathis: Evil Deities, Part 1



Fire, Murder, Savagery, Lies, Cunning, Beasts, Ferocity, Survival 

Fire, survival, and murder are all portfolios belonging to Kato, a chaotic evil god who began his existence as a legendary dragon-slaying sword.

Kato is known for subtly breaking alliances and waiting in the shadows to pounce and devour his prey at their weakest moment. His worshippers are a unique group who span from wicked and treacherous murderers to primal druid sects struggling to survive in a war-torn world.  Kato’s dogma praises the destructive force of fire, and encourages worshippers to use their cunning, wit, and savagery for personal gain and continued survival. As an evil and savage god, Kato has few places of organized worship dedicated to his teachings. Shrines dedicated to him can be found across the land, oftentimes located in strange, remote places where druid sects dwell. Many Katar who live within society hold celebrations in private places such as thieves dens or secret rooms in lavish mansions. They call themselves Firebrands, and they seek to emulate Kato’s strength and cunning in their daily lives. Clerics of Kato adhere to few rites, and like all Katar, they pray before open flames or burning objects. Kato himself cares little for maintaining relationships with the other deities of Vathis, though he sometimes allies with Tesiline or Uryll. He shows respect towards Zanon, his creator, and moves against the Vandiel known as Karwytren, who he considers a rival. Kato hates Serena, who he once killed while in the form of a blade.


Despair, Loss, Betrayal, Torment, Strife, Suffering, Cruelty, Torture 

Much like their chosen god, Keinar are aggressive, organized, and cruel beyond measure.

Churches devoted to Keindrinas are a rare sight, as his clergy chooses to plot from the shadows and scheme far from the attention of prying eyes. Even so, the Keinar are a regimented group, and the lack of brick and mortar structures dedicated to their god does little to hamper the church of the Sadist. Keinar cause strife and torment for all regardless of one’s race, religion, or creed. They follow the teachings of their god, which drives them to master the art of torture and embrace the screams of another’s pain. Keindrinas himself seeks to usurp the deities Kato, Serena, and Zanon. He once betrayed Serena to Zanon, and he was responsible for capturing Irinal and Lucia and torturing the two sisters deities until they became Irilynshaee and were eventually saved by Uryll. Keindrinas remains a bitter enemy of Irilynshaee to this day. Despite his undermining ways, he sometimes allies with Zanon and Tesiline, though they accept his aid begrudgingly. The free-spirited goddess Teiris often puts herself in the crosshairs of Keindrinas, and worshippers of the two clash wherever they meet.


Decay, Undeath, Entropy, Illness, Necromancy, Mockery 

Tesiline is all that remains of Bastion’s pure-hearted attempt at reviving the deceased goddess Taomiche.

When the ritual performed by his clergy failed, the goddess Tesiline was created, an undead deity of decay, illness, entropy, and mockery. Many who follow the evil teachings of Tesiline are undead or necromancers – and sometimes even both. Temples devoted to the Scourge Queen are ill-kept ruins reeking of rot of dissolution. The Tesil believe that all things must come to an end, and they seek to hasten the coming of entropy with the aid of Tesiline’s necrotic grace. On more than one occasion the Tesil have been revealed as the source of a harrowing plague or illness spreading through the cities of Vathis. Clerics of Tesiline pray before something dead, dying, or rotting to receive their spells, and they revel in the stench of death and decay. Among the pantheon, Tesiline is a reviled nuisance. She is frequently besieged by Bastion, her mournful creator, and Mileen, the goddess of death. Tesiline finds allies in Keindinas and Kato, but these agreements tend to be brief and specific.



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