The Inquisitors + Imel the Clever

Ah, adventurers! These foolhardy individuals are brave, plucky, and daring – sometimes to a fault.

Some seek fame, and some seek fortune. Some adventure for the sheer thrill of unraveling the world’s secrets. Some adventurers use their skills for nefarious purposes, and some venture out into the world on their own, the true definition of lone wolves. Others are drawn to the life of a solo explorer, but wish to traverse the world with like-minded allies to call upon if need be. Explorers such as these are often drawn to Aleydra’s Free Company – The Inquisitors.

The Inquisitors are a group of historians, investigators, and adventurers.

They travel in the pursuit of knowledge and adventure, and they accept jobs of all sorts. Some are especially skilled at tracking down ancient magical items, and some are master explorers delving into hidden temples and forgotten ruins. Others perform espionage and surveillance. In recent years, the vast majority of Inquisitor contracts have been to track down and uncover the fate of loved ones lost in the chaos of the Darkest War. A sad service, truly – but one the world so desperately needs. 

The Inquisitors are usually hired by wealthy benefactors hoping to accomplish a specific goal.

The organization’s outposts can be found from coast to coast, and in some parts of the world they even rival the Eyes of Vathis. The Inquisitors revel in this, and can be found boasting of their success in bars across the world. As a Free Company comprised of Outlaw individuals shucking the coils of civilian life, they are patronized heavily by the Outlaw population. Aleydrans and Sillarian citizens are also likely to contact the Inquisitors over the Eyes of Vathis on account of their intense religious followings, which align with the Aleydran Inquisitors.

Sometimes members of the Inquisitors work in small teams.

These groups are usually assembled by the leadership of the organization with specific jobs or task in mind, and individuals recruited for a collaborative job are usually highly skilled Inquisitors with an established record of success. These intense contracts often require a hire level of secrecy. Independent work and routine jobs are not particularly lucrative for an Inquisitor – but the riches one may find on their adventure is often theirs to pocket, with only minor dues owed to organization leadership. Individual Inquisitors often sell or donate their findings back to the organization to increase either their wealth or standing and reputation within the organization. Some Inquisitors, like world-famous gnome Imel the Clever, are legendary treasure-hunters. Imel’s riches are housed at the organization’s headquarters – a museum in Spinel, Sillirai.

The Spinel location is where most would-be Inquisitors come to test their mettle.

Aleydra-worshipping Outlaw hopefuls who wish to join the organization are vetted by a senior member of the Inquisitors, then given a low-priority contract to complete. If the new member succeeds in their task, they are permitted to join. As an organization, the Inquisitors recruit some of the world’s brightest and most curious minds. Could the life of an Inquisitor be the life for you? 


Clicking the link below will take you to a template for what we imagine Imel to be like if you would like to create or play a character like him. If anyone is interested, we can release further levels or an NPC block! 


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