People of Vathis – Violet: The Quiet, Prodigal Wizard

Violet is shy and hasn’t be exposed to many people since a young age.  She is the only sigiled heir of her family in over 300 years, so she was kept under lock and key because the importance of her sigil.

She is a wizard and was taught by her grandmother who was a very skilled wizard of the Eldritch House.  Since leaving home she has had to face things she never imagined having to deal with, the standout item is trusting and making friends with people who would normally be considered enemies.  While the below is a snapshot of Violet when the campaign began, she has grown tremendously since the start of the campaign and is coming into her own.

Name: Violet zi’ Frostbloom Zodiac Violet2
Age: 38
Race: Amari
Gender: Female
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 102
Hair Color: light purple
Eye Color: bright purple
Sigil: Menki  (Fox)
Identifying Marks: Sigil
Alignment: Lawful good with a leaning toward neutral good.


Violet is a short and slender amari. She has fair skin, light purple hair, and bright purple eyes. She dresses plainly to blend in with the crowd (usually in a pair of basic robes and sensible shoes) and she wears a garnet ring. She wields a small dagger and a crossbow, and she wears no armor. Violet is proper and quiet – while noble, she was greatly sheltered as a child, so she rarely makes eye contact with people. Overall she is pretty awkward in social situations.  She sticks to what she believes in and only detours from those beliefs if it will benefit the greater good or if she or someone she is close to is in danger.


Violet was born and raised in Sillirai as a member of a noble family with a bit of influence. Her childhood was rather unremarkable, up until the day she was sigiled, which changed everything for her. She was trained in the fine arcane arts within her family’s Sillarian estate by her grandmother Jiviel, a teaching member of the prestigious organization known as the Eldritch House.


Violet’s grandmother taught her the arcane arts. Violet would like to one day follow in her footsteps.

Day of Sigil Acquisition:

Two days before her seventh birthday, Violet refused to come out of her room or see anyone. She eventually let her grandmother in to the room, understanding what would happen once she became sigiled and how important it was for her family to stay in control of their estate and standings. Acquiring a sigil also meant that Violet would be in danger. Sigils in her family are rare, and her house had some enemies. This is all in addition to the chaos and uncertainty the vandiel Rumoriskar left in Sillirai.

How A Sigil Changed Her:

Violet’s sigil made her tool for her family. It made her mother envious of her and push her away, and it took away her friends from her because she was rarely allowed to go outside of her home. While it had a negative impact in her life, she also embraced it because she knew she could help shape the world.

How and Why She Became a Wanderer:

Violet’s parents were followers of Rumoriskar and Violet overheard them discussing their cult activities. She thought it best to get out as soon as possible, so she took gold and valuable items and boarded the first airship out.  She didn’t plan to wander after her leave, but she became involved with Veil and the Vantus started targeting her as well, meaning she had to run.


Violet was inadvertently tied to a group of people running from a Vantus, so at this point she has to fight or run. She’s not going to separate from the group because she wouldn’t be able to fight or run efficiently alone. Prior to being mixed up in this drama, she wanted to stay somewhere quiet and out of the way while she tried to figure out what to do about her family. Violet’s end goal is to eliminate the immediate threat of the vantus and then regroup and try to figure out how to reclaim her family, or her estate. She would like to continue living in Sillarai when this is all said and done. She also needs to make money, because all of her gold and gems were stolen by a thief…who happens to be a member of the party. Overall, she is working towards reclaiming her estate, finding a way to end Rumoriskar’s influence over others (particularly her parents), taking out the Vantus, and possibly following in her grandmother’s footsteps at the Eldritch House.


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