People of Vathis – Raziel: A Vasar Looking For Valor

Raziel is a strong, militaristic Vasar with tactical and physical prowess. He is driven by revenge and a lust for honor, so that he may one day return home a hero. He is a fighter who favors the greatsword for the raw damage it provides. He has grown tremendously over the time with the party since the writing of this spotlight.

As a player, I am typically prone to spellcasters, this is my first time playing a fighter. While I enjoy theory-crafting characters and backstories with friends, I often struggle putting it to paper, and prefer building my characters throughout the game. I think it will be very entertaining playing a blunt and quick-to-action martial character as opposed to my usual calm, collected, and strategic spellcaster.

Name: Raziel zodiac raziel
Age: 55
Race: Vasar
Gender: Male
Height: 7′
Weight: 375lbs
Scale Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Identifying Marks: Scars. Many scars.


Raziel is a vasar of large muscular build. He has red scales and brown eyes. He comes from a family with long-standing military tradition, a veteran himself from the Darkest War. He has always preferred functionality and comfort over style when it comes to his clothing and gear. You will typically find him wearing his full plate armor with his greatsword strapped to his back.
Raziel is a strong and confident individual, both in and out of combat. He is rather patient, but that patience is prone to snap quickly and without warning. In conversation Raziel gets to the point and prefers to avoid the filler of traditional conversation. This has pushed many away in the past, as it makes Raziel seem unapproachable. Raziel trusts very few, but those he does trust are those he would give his life to protect.


The zi’Zrakas family is known for long-standing military prowess, with many members in high¬† positions in the Daras military. Raziel was born and raised in Darastrix, and he joined the military as soon as he was able, as was expected of him. Raziel grew quickly through the ranks and swiftly found himself in charge of a platoon of men. It was during this time that Raziel was given an order from a superior, Gin Velloth, one that would cost him many, if not all, of his men. He knew the plan was flawed, and had ideas of his own on how to better carry out the mission. However, when Raziel brought up his plans to Gin, they were shot down and he was told to do the mission as Gin instructed. Raziel was not going to lead his men into a suicide mission when there was a way to avoid much of the bloodshed, so he went against his orders and executed his own plans instead. The mission was a success, and Raziel’s unit lost only three men that day. On his return Gin threw the books at Raziel, having him court-martialed and thrown into military prison for going against direct orders. Raziel knew this would bring dishonor upon himself and his family, and he knew he could not count on his family to help him out of this situation. After the Vandiels were discovered and the Darkest War kicked into high gear, a general by the name of Ohm zi’Kennioth started looking within the military prisons to help bolster the military against the demonic hordes now besieging the world.

He quickly found Raziel, and realizing the truth of the situation, he pulled Raziel from prison and cleared his charges.

He then placed Raziel in charge of a new unit. Raziel fought hard throughout this time, doing everything he could to make a name for himself so that he could return home with honor. Towards the end of the Darkest War, Raziel and his men found themselves fighting for their lives to fend off a Vantus and his army. They did not win this fight, and Raziel’s men, along with a caravan of dwarves, were wiped out in the battle. This is where Raziel met Hove, who healed him enough to escape the battle, and together they survived the remainder of the war, fleeing from the front lines. After that day, Raziel and Hove vowed to hunt down this Vantus to get revenge for their fallen brothers. They knew the key to finding the Vantus lied with the cultists that still followed the Vandiels, so they set out, leaving a trail of broken and beaten cultists in their wake. This eventually lead them to Isild, where they found Veil and discovered she was a noir. Upon confronting Veil they realized that she was also after the Vantus for what he did to her guild. Reluctantly, Raziel agreed to team up with Veil if it meant quickening the demise of the Vantus.


Raziel was trained by the Darastrix military. He showed strong promise and quickly climbed through their ranks.

How and Why He Become a Wanderer:

Raziel’s primary reason for adventuring is to find and gain revenge on the Vantus that killed his men. He also strives to truly make a name for himself, one that when he returns home will make his family proud.


Raziel is driven by a deep want for revenge. He will do next to anything to bring down the Vantus that killed his men. Raziel believes he has already brought dishonor to his name: first being court-martialed, and then losing an entire platoon of men, is not a legacy he wishes to carry home. He is already well into middle age, so time is running short for Raziel to make a name for himself that he will be proud to bring home.



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