People of Vathis – Hove: The Hammer of Naugrix

Hove can be summed up quite well in one word: blunt. He’s as hardheaded as dwarves come, but as loyal as they come as well.

He’s devoted to Naugrix above all else, but his friends are a close second. Hove is a seasoned veteran who has seen his share of bloodshed and knows many of the harsh realities of the world. The party looks to Hove for wisdom and healing and to support his friends in all their endeavors. Hove’s closest friend is Raziel, the vasar. Hove hopes to bring about lasting change between dwarf and vasar within the Church of Naugrix.

Name: Hove zodiac Hove2
Age: 64
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Height:  4’4”
Weight:  174
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Identifying Marks: Sigil of the Bard, His beard
Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Hove is a short and stout dwarf. His hair, or what hair he has, is often pulled back and braided. His beard is also well kept and braided. He’s usually seen wearing his armor which is covered in Naugrin regalia. His shield and hammer also have Naugrix’s holy symbols on them.

Hove is blunt, to the point, and a no nonsense kind of guy.

He likes to assess the situation before acting but he isn’t afraid to crack some skulls when he needs to. He’s ruled by his devotion to Naugrix and his own emotions. He tries to do what is right and what would make his god proud. However, his greatest weakness is greed and his want for gold.


Hove zi’Roglir is a dwarf from Mythrayne, Naugrix’s Perch to be precise. His family is a noble family who has held high positions in the colleges of Jordensang for some time. While Hove’s family was renowned for their bardic abilities, he was never an adept orator or performer. While they never shunned him, Hove took his inabilities as a dishonor on them and turned to the gods. He left on a pilgrimage to Winsor Valley seeking answers and Naugrix’s guidance. His goal, as cruel as it sounds, was to hold Winsor Valley from vasar occupation and strengthen the dwarven hold over the holy land. It was during Hove’s time there that the Darkest War broke out. He found himself thrust into battle and the dwarves he was on his pilgrimage with ended up on the front lines near Darastrix. It was there that they were wiped out alongside a Vasar batallion, to which Raziel belonged to, at the hands of a Vantus. Hove helped heal Raziel and they survived the remainder of the war together, fleeing from the front lines. It was then they vowed to hunt down this Vantus for revenge for their fallen brothers. The pair began leaving a trail of broken and beaten Vandiel cultists working for this Vantus. This lead them to the nation of Isild, where they discovered Veil and realized that she is a noir. When they confronted her they found out that she was also opposed to the Vantus. The group decided to team up and work together against their mutual foe. Hove now travels with the rest of the party seeking this Vantus, happy that he has found a way to make a difference and bring honor to his race, family, and god. However, Hove’s faith is now in crisis, as the Naugrin church of Mythrayne is directly opposed to the vasar in Winsor Valley, but his closest friend is a vasar. He tries not to brood on this too much, as he has more pressing matters at hand, but if Hove were to return home, or even to Winsor Valley, the choice between what he believes and what the church commands of him will stand before him.


Hove received most of his training with the Church of Naugrix. His main teacher was an older priest named Voro zi’Hothem. Voro taught Hove everything he knows about religion and the church of Naugrix. He acquired his battle skills during the Darkest War and afterwards when he and Raziel began their hunt for the Vantus.

Day of Sigil Acquisition:

Hove acquired his sigil at the age of five. It was not a major date at the time. Hove was excited when it appeared, as he thought he’d be destined to pursue his family’s legacy.

How a Sigil Changed Him:

Hove has made the best of his sigil and utilizes it whenever it would be of help. It also serves as a constant reminder of his family, the legacy amongst his culture, and everything that Hove feels he has to live up to.

How and Why He Become a Wanderer:

Hove’s drive to adventure is equal parts wanting revenge on the Vantus and not wanting to go home to Mythrayne. Hove mourns his fallen comrades and wants justice to be delivered for them. At the same time, there is definitely an element of relief that Hove has an excuse to be out in the world adventuring instead of returning to Naugrix’s Perch and his family.


Hove is motivated by his god first and foremost. Anything that can be read as the will of Naugrix will be done by his hand if he is able. Hove seeks revenge for his fallen brothers and sisters at the hands of the Vantus, and he adventures to pursue this end. Hove is also motivated by the friends and allies he has made while adventuring. While his bond with Raziel is the strongest, Hove is definitely prone to being swayed by a more… gentle touch. Whether or not Hove will be able to win the love of a particular alchemist remains to be seen.


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