Organizations: Whisper, “One Mind, One Sword, One Shield”


“Silence our weapon, deception our shield.”  

Created ages ago by a joint effort of Vavaire and SIllirai, Whisper was created to protect the heads of state and important figures throughout both nations. This agreement effectively made the two nations significant allies, as the Whispers bind the nation’s bloodlines together.

Type: Counter Spy and Assassin Organization
Members: 414
Symbol: Shadow dagger
Resources: 11
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Allegiance: Sillirai, Vavaire, Others
Religion: Aleydra
Headquarters: Valiance, Vavaire (Pre-Darkest War); Sanctuary, Vavaire (Post-Darkest War)
Scope: Operates primarily in Vavaire and Sillirai to protect important figures
Structure: Independent members under central leadership
Leader: Aisha Whisper


Whisper first came into being shortly after the end of the last Jewel Wars after Aurezia became part of the Vavaire Empire. Vavaire and Sillirai created the organization as part of a joining and co-settlement process designed to bring the two previously warring countries into peace. Whisper was designed to protect heads of state and royalty of both nations from outside threats and interference. Members of Whisper have had all previous ties to their old life stripped from them and their faces remain hidden behind an enchanted veil of shadow to protect their old families from threats. The organization itself has been quite efficient and have prevented many attempts on their charges life. Their loyalty is absolute and unwavering, their minds psionically linked to one another, allowing round the clock communication across vast distances. In recent years, due to the fall of Vavaire and the rise of Empress Evie, they have taken to taking outside jobs, however that changed once Ravenne zi’Stardragon a previous Whisper, made herself known to the public. They work closely with Hanad zi’Whisperose in Sanctuary, to protect the heir of Vavaire and help restore the nation to her former glory. They are quite resourceful, granted they have only recently regained much of their lost weaponry and armory since the fall of Vavaire.


The motives of Whisper are fairly straightforward. Protect their charges and key members of Sillirai and Vavaire, assist the full restoration of Vavaire, and bring the assassin of Emperor Jaris to justice. A large portion of the organization works towards protecting the heir of Vavaire Ravenne zi’Stardragon and reclaiming lost artifacts and resources from the fallen reaches of Vavaire. Very few members work outside of their original charge and gain knowledge and wealth for Whisper by protecting anyone willing to pay for their services.


Whisper operates many secret locations, safe houses, and storage locations all over the world. Their secrecy is paramount and very few of them can be accessed without a specific psionic trigger unique to each individual member.

Sanctuary, Vavaire;

The old Sanctuary Castle in the city operates as the main base of operations for the organization as a whole. Training, planning, information gathering, and resource storage are all performed here. Sanctuary houses most of the non-field operatives for the organization and can be easily defended in attempts of assault.

Cenirien, Sillirai;

In a grove of laris trees outside of the capital of Sillirai, Whispers attend an attunement ritual that forever links their minds together, forever aware of each other. The rite is considered the last step in joining, and can never be undone.

Valiance, Vavaire;

A sister location to Sanctuary, Valiance was originally the home of Whisper and operated as their primary base for the lifetime of the organization. The Darkest War and the ensuing madness forced Whisper to relocate. It is widely rumored that while Whisper has taken up refuge in their old castle wing once again, there are many hidden places within the walls and the surrounding areas that are lost to time. Their archives of knowledge have never been found after the Darkest War though the search continues.


Overall the structure of Whsiper is very straightforward. Atop the organization is Aisha Whisper, the leader and primary face of the organization. Below her are two operators, Seoras Whisper and Nida Whisper. Seoras’s charge is to Sillirai and he operates it at great efficiency, and Nida is charged with Vaviare and she has become quite close to Ravenne zi’Stardragon over the recent years.


Membership within Whisper is fairly small, only a little over four hundred members exist currently. Many of them are scattered to the four winds of the world, protecting their charges against any and all threats that are poised against them. Most of the organization remains in Sanctuary, Vavaire, which is the main base of operations for the organization.


Requirements to join Whisper is very strict and absolutely unquestionable. One must possess some psionic talent, the more the better. They must also be capable of giving up all semblance of their normal life, forever become a Whisper and nothing else. One much swear fealty to the crowns of both Sillirai and Vavaire, and be willing to make any and all sacrifices to protect their charges.


Whispers as a whole act as a singular unit, very similar to a hive mind mentality. They are aware of each other at any distance, and capable of telepathically speaking over vast spaces. They are some of the most well equipped, masterfully trained, and resourceful elite counter assassins in the world. Their loyalty to one another and their charges are absolute. Whispers are capable of nearly anything, even competing directly with the espionage activities of the noir.


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