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unicornSmallThe Harlequins of Athel are the most renowned theatre group in all of Vathis.

Their mix of original and well-known plays paired with the best actors and technology the world has to offer makes it difficult for other companies to compete.  Due to this winning combination of artistry and technology the Harlequins are on a fast track to dominating the entertainment industry of Vathis.

Though the Harlequins have not always been the best theatre troupe, they’ve always given the most heart.

It was this heart that was a guiding light within the darkness during the Darkest War.  As a distraction from sorrow and misery, the actors and company members risked their lives to travel to some of the worst affected warzones to bring happiness to those feeling despair. Some even credit the Harlequins for providing the world with enough hope to pull Vathis out of the Darkest War when all was thought to be lost.

Now, the easiest way to catch a play is to travel to Athel, the Harlequins’ home base.

Here you can stand in their grand theatre and be seated in such finery that everyone can belong to high society for a night.  From original plays such as I Want to be Your Unicorn,  to dramatic novel reenactments like Husbands with Blue Eyes, to depictions of the legendary tales written by Penman Lox, the Harlequins will leave you wanting more. And more you’ll get…

Moving forward with technology, the Harlequins have launched a fleet of performance-based airships that convert to mobile stages so their plays can be taken anywhere.

While they are not the first to use such ships, they currently have the most theatre ships in circulation. This is expected to cause a boom in the entertainment industry that will fuel a need for additional actors, playwrights, and crew.

If you’re in the mood for adventure but unable to travel, or if you need a distraction from the real world, the Harlequins of Athel will likely to have something that will interest you. Check for showings at your nearest Bluewind facility, and remember the world can be anything you make it.


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