Order of the Midnight Amethyst

The Order of the Midnight Amethyst is a small organization dedicated to the protection of the kingdom of Sillirai.

They were first founded thousands of years ago by the original Empress of Sillirai, and they remain nearly as much of a mystery in the modern day as they were in the distant past. Members of the enigmatic Order were inactive for centuries before the resurgence of Queen-Empress Evie Jaeress, daughter of the former Empress, but they are active yet again, hunting down cultists of the Vandiel Rumoriskar and combating the rampant illness known as the Waking Nightmare within the dreams of the inflicted. This affliction was once confined to the amari race, but has since spread to a multitude of other humanoid races in the years following the Darkest War. From Sillirai to Washu, humanoids of all races and creeds have come down with cases of the Waking Nightmare, throwing the Order of the Midnight Amethyst into frantic action.

The two sects of the Order of the Midnight Amethyst are the Amethyst Guard and the Serene Warriors.

The Amethyst Guard protects the Queen-Empress and her small coterie from all manner of harm. Upon induction into the Amethyst Guard members are entrusted with powerful psionic weapons known as Surai, intelligent swords that allow their wielders to dreamwalk (or enhance their ability to do, if natural) by tapping into the Empress’ power. The Surai vary in strength and ability, but all possess an innate intelligence of their own. Members of the Amethyst Guard are all powerful dreamwalkers who accompany the Queen-Empress into the strongest cases of the Waking Nightmare.

The second (and far newer) sect of the Order, the Serene Warriors, is a force dedicated to ridding the  continent of Asarus of Rumoriskar’s influence.

They are organized into teams that fight Rumoriskar’s cultists and various terrors. Many of these teams are tasked with dispatching low-level cultists of Rumoriskar on the material plane as they move about the world serving the whims of their master. Members of this sect are usually recruited from The Grove, a psionic college located in Sillirai. Rumors state that the Serene Warriors are also recruiting vasar from Darastrix, which are manifesting psionic talent in recruits that defy explanation. Either way, there is no formal application process. Potential members are often tested by existing members in subtle ways, and they remain unaware of their trials until suddenly offered a role in the organization.

All members of the Amethyst Guard have Surai, but some members of the Serene Warriors sect – particularly the newest members – have not yet been entrusted with the artifact-level weapon. 

Surai-less teams seek out cultists on the material realm and neutralize threats of lesser magnitude, leaving the intense and dangerous dreamwalking to the experienced Surai-wielding professionals. The ultimate goal of the Serene Warriors is to storm Castle Venure, where the Redreamers – the organized cultists of Rumoriskar – are believed to be headquartered. They wish to vanquish the strongest of the cultists in one fell swoop and purify the now-tainted Strait of Despair. The organization is also researching a way to purify the Strait and restore order to that area of the Auntershai Ocean, but no methods seem promising as of yet.

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