Olivine: Nightmare’s Respite


Frontier City

Population: 98,781 

Olivine is a small frontier city situated on the far eastern side of Sillirai. Nestled between the Ridge Peaks, the Strait of Despair, and unreclaimed Sillarian wilderness, Olivine faces threats from all sides. This city is heavily patrolled and guarded by both the Vathis Sentinels and Sillirai’s own warriors. Those who come to Olivine typically do so with a particular purpose, and they are often members of a military company or scholarly organization. 

Some organizations operating out of Olivine are the Order of the Midnight Amethyst and the Inquisitors. Members of the Order of the Midnight Amethyst use Olivine as a base of operations when scouting into the Strait of Despair and researching the dark energy poisoning the region. The Inquisitors use the city as a similar point of light for their own endeavors. From Olivine, they venture out into the Ridge Peaks and wilderness to fulfill their contracts. Other groups can also be found here in a transient fashion, but Sillirai as a whole is hesitant to allow outsiders to settle and experiment with the Strait of Despair. Only skilled members of the Eldritch House have been granted special privileges and insight into Sillirai’s formal research on the Strait of Despair, and even then, their access is granted with held breath and much trepidation. Vathis Sentinels swarm here protecting Sillirai’s easternmost fortification and keeping their own watchful eye on the Strait of Despair on behalf of the Council of Vathis.

Despite being surrounded by danger on nearly all sides, civilians still live in Olivine, and they run the inns, taverns, and storefronts that keep Olivine operating. Some occupants run small businesses serving the military presence in the city, and others farm on the edge of town, refusing to forsake Olivine and move inland even during the worst of times. The following are a few of the establishments one might find in Olivine as they pass through the city on their own perilous journey:

  • The Jeweled Hall. This sizable tavern and dining hall are as old as Olivine itself. It once served warriors who traveled from Olivine to the mainland during the many Jewel wars that plagued Sillirai in centuries past, and murals in the hall’s main room depict glorious battles culminating in Sillarian victories. A handful of small rooms above the Jeweled Hall are available for rent for a modest sum. The Jeweled Hall is ran by the Alaar family, who have lived in Olivine for countless generations. 
  • Tralbyr’s Sundries. This storefront is run by Drud Tralbyr, a dwarf who lived in the Ridge Peaks before the outbreak of the Darkest War. Drud came down to Olivine to defend his country, and he settled among the military who remained in the aftermath of the war. He sells anything and everything a person may need to journey into the Ridge Peaks or the surrounding wilderness and make it out alive. Drud is a no-nonsense sort of man. 
  • Simi’s Oddities. Simi’s Oddities is a small shop full of…well…oddities. Antique glasses, freshly picked mushrooms, hand-me-down quilts, and incense are just a few of the items one will find among Simi’s wares. 



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