New Content – Living Eldria – The Creatures of Vathis, Volume 1

Within the pages of The Creatures of Vathis we will be including a series of new creature types. For the next few weeks we will be posting spotlights that provide our readers with a little bit of insight into what the new types are, why we decided to create them, and what sort of abilities creatures of those types may possess.

In this spotlight we’ll be delving into living eldria.

Living eldria creatures are beasts, monsters, and humanoids whose bodies have come into contact with the magical crystals known as eldria and have adapted in response to eldria’s effects. For most creatures in Vathis, contact with eldria typically ends in death due to the effects of eldria on the bodies of those infected. In very few cases, however, the body of a creature will adopt and mold to the influence of eldria. This process morphs the afflicted creature into a being composed of living eldria.

Creatures of the living eldria type gain a few significant abilities due to the changes within their anatomy.

The eldria within an afflicted creature’s system sustains their body and alters their form to that of an artificial and construct-like state. Living eldria creatures typically do not need to eat or sleep, but those that grow quickly or require a large amount of energy to function may need to do so regardless. While remaining within an area of natural eldria growth, beings of living eldria can swiftly recover from their wounds, and many utilize powerful innate magical abilities.

The changes to the body of a living eldria creature may lead them to acquire qualities completely different from those of their base species. Sometimes, this change even leads to the evolution or manifestation of completely new beings. Some beasts, such as the eldric falcon known as the averal, are direct adaptations of natural creatures. Others, like the eldric ooze known as the essence eater, are a completely new adaptation of life spawned within the crystal-ridden eldria fields.

Next week we will be looking into the spirits of Washu. Beings of this new type are known as the Kami!



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