New Content – Forsaken from the Anuald – Creatures of Vathis: Volume 1

Within the pages of The Creatures of Vathis we will be including a series of new creature types. For the next few weeks we will be posting spotlights that provide our readers with a little bit of insight into what the new types are, why we decided to create them, and what sort of abilities creatures of those types may possess.

In this spotlight we will be looking into the ancient constructs of the Anuald, known as the Forsaken.

Centuries ago, during the height of the Anuald Empire, the Forsaken were crafted by the powerful mages of that empire to secure and protect their holdings. In the age of the Anuald, countless forsaken were constructed, many of which still stand the test of time today. Forsaken are unique in their construction, and despite many attempts to recreate them, those secrets seem to have died with the Anuald. Forsaken are crafted from stone and metal bound together using unknown magic to give them animation and purpose.

Forsaken that have survived the ensuing centuries continue to follow the original instruction of their masters with unwavering devotion.

The constructs of the forsaken have varying shapes and sizes, ranging from the forsaken seeker, a floating-diamond shaped being that captures the faithful of the deities, to the massive forsaken wurm, a slithering stone worm-like creature that burrows through the sands of the Nashendasorn Desert. They reside all across the areas the Anuald Empire covered in its height, from the open plains of Erygis, to the dense jungles of Rancagesh. The Forsaken continue to be a thorn in the side of intrepid adventurers that explore the depths of the lost locations of the Anuald, in search of treasure, artifacts, and ancient knowledge. Due to the limitations of their design and the disappearance of their masters, the forsaken are intricately bound to specific locations. Some people find it simply easier to run than attempt to take down one of these incredible constructs.


Next week we will have a special surprise for you: the spotlight denoting the launch of our Kickstarter on 2/1/2018!


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