How the Laniri is Celebrated Throughout Vathis – Part Two & Four 5e Laniri Items

This is part two of a two-part series.

The Laniri is a holiday sacred to all peoples and cultures across Vathis. As the day between the changing of the years, it holds a special place in the heart of the world’s citizens. It is also a date of extreme importance to a number of religions, and clergies far and wide celebrate the Laniri in their own unique day. As a traveler of the world, you may find yourself abroad on the Laniri. Here is part two of our quick and handy guide on how the Laniri is celebrated across the world:


Oseptians observe the Laniri for a full week before the day of the holiday itself. They fast for six days prior to the celebration, and then feast with loved ones on the Laniri. On the Laniri, massive parades occur in major Oseptian cities, with many of these parades featuring magical adornment and displays of arcane talent. Some Oseptian citizens for hours, or even days, to attend the greatest of these parades. The largest of these take place in the cities of Eiliept and Unasten.   


The citizens of Rancagesh are a spiritual group who revere shamanism and show reverence toward their ancestors. They view the Laniri as a great celebration of the spirits, and a day of remembrance for those who came before. The rancar feast on the Laniri, and tell tales of old heroes and spiritual leaders. In recent years the rancar have adopted some foreign traditions, like gift-giving and the adornment of colored lanterns, but in remote towns and villages adhere to the old ways. 


Traditions such as gift-giving and feasting are common on the Laniri. Like in Aurezia, Sillirai observes the holiday for nearly a week leading up to the day itself, and citizens engage with their friends and family in these festivities. The laris trees are decorated with plain lanterns, and regular trees are adorned with colored lights. Sillarians also observe the Day of Bonding on the Laniri, which is a holiday that gives thanks to the gods for their existence. Aleydra is shown particular reverence on this day.   


For the citizens of Tristan, the Laniri commemorates the day that the Nightmother guided their ancestors north and granted them the Gift of Night. It is widely believed that her Gift of Night protects the Trist population from the cold, harsh world. The Laniri here is observed with great feasts, merrymaking, and lights. Like in Isild, these displays are thought to be especially gorgeous on the stark Trist architecture.  


Vavairen celebrations of the Laniri are reminiscent of both Aurezian and Isril festivities. The Zodiacs are celebrated in tandem with the gods, and gatherings, feasts, and tree-decorating are commonplace. The gods are celebrated in turn throughout the year, with each month reserved for a deity, but the Laniri is generally reserved for the Zodiacs. Star and dragon motifs are a regular sight in Vavairen cities and towns near (and on) the Laniri. 


The Venocians observe the Laniri in a unique cultural way. They call their celebration The Ceremony Flags, where all ships docked within the country’s ports fly as many flags as they can. This creates beautiful displays. Venocians come from far and wide to witness the flag ceremonies in great port-side cities, with the largest being observed in the nation’s capital, Asrile.  


Washu is remarkably different than the other nations of Vathis when it comes to religion and worship. Even so, the Laniri is celebrated with some of the same traditions the citizens of Vathis know and love: feasts, parades, and magical displays. The Washun take their own spin on the holiday by incorporating their Shenami beliefs, and one such way they do so is by purifying themselves before they take part in Laniri celebrations. People in Washun town and cities come together for these parades and celebrations and they dance, sing, and drink together.  


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