Cypress “On Horizons of Prosperity”



“On Horizons of Prosperity”

Colors: Turquoise, Green, White
Banner: Albatross
Population: 18,065,498
Capitol: Erealon
Government: Imperial Republic
Leader(s): Jesnek Zi’Apheru, Emperor
Languages: Cypran, Vavalish, Sillarian, Isril, Leyarish
Notable Exports: Masonry, Spices, Vaedric Technology, Wine

The Imperial Republic of Cypress prides itself on being a cornerstone of culture in a brutal world.

The kingdom’s export of marble and other luxury goods have made the nation irreplaceable in the global trade market, and Cypress is on good diplomatic terms with most other nations, save for Aurezia. Though political commitments protect Cypress from the possibility of invasion, the country is threatened by natural incursions such as the spreading Rimelan to the north and the monster-infested Plains of Horror to the east. Cypress boasts a heavy tourist industry, and the nation is home to several globally important institutions such as the Lurien Corporation. The kingdom is warm and humid, and cities in Cypress are full of open-air structures and people walking about wearing light, flowing clothing. Cypress maintains the philosophy that the mighty cannot be upheld by the weak, and the kingdom does all it can to provide for its people. The supportive government has allowed the culture of Cypress to blossom without hindrance, and the country is home to a variety of professionals, farmers, artists, soldiers, politicians, and everything in-between.

Within the kingdom of Cypress there exists a traditional separation of city-life and rural labor.

Even so, the country focuses on creating professionals and educating individuals to a basic standard set forth by the government. This basic standard of learning ensures that the population of Cypress capitalizes on their skills and talents. The populace assists the kingdom to the best of their natural ability without illiteracy or ignorance holding back their efforts. The station in which a Cyprean is born is largely ignored by members of society, as Cypress sees increased social mobility both upward and downward through patronage, friendships, family, marriages, associations, and learned skills. It is not unusual for a lowly commoner talented in certain skillsets to be noticed by a patron and moved up through the social ladder at their behest.

There are three main regions in the country: the central Varnoon Plains, the Kenestral Jungles to the south, and the settlements in the north running along the banks of the river Manas.

The cities located in the beautiful Varnoon Plains are composed of traditional buildings and outdoor affairs, and the area is home to a wide variety of plantations and wealthy estates. The cities of the Kenestral Jungles are expansive and entirely open-air, and their structure allows for the greenery of the jungle to meld with the distinctly Cyprean architecture. The riverlands along the Manas river are the coldest of the three regions, and located on the riverbanks are walled cities and fortifications which separate the kingdom from the ravaging Rimelan to the north. Citadels such as Hiegm Castle once protected Cypress from the territorial conquest of the nations to the kingdom’s north, but now they focus on dispatching creatures headed towards Cypress from the Rimelan. The kingdom’s second largest stronghold, Tarth, is the sole shield protecting Cypress from the strangeness pouring westward from the Plains of Fear.

Cypress is a remarkable place of cultural openness and shared identity.

The kingdom’s early attention to creating public monuments and communal spaces such as forums, amphitheaters, gladiator arenas, and public baths served to foster a sense of shared Cyprean nationalism among her citizens. During Cypress’ time as a member of the larger Vavairen Empire, the Cyprean people easily adopted Vavairen culture while strongly retaining their own. As such, Cypress is a multicultural center open to the introduction and adaptation of new and strange ideas. Citizens of this country are open-minded, refined, ambitious, and forward-thinking. They are always seeking new experiences and widening their views, and they mix well with races and societies different from their own. Regardless of station or status, Cyprean people across the country gather for the weekly Essel Tournament, and the tournament is utilized as a central meeting place. It is common for contracts, dealings, and agreements to be struck during tournament games. Cypress honors their history and war veterans with marble statues and monuments devoted to past emperors, generals, soldiers, and religious figures which can be found in the heart of the kingdom’s public spaces. The nation is extremely tolerant of other religions, and impressive structures devoted to the various deities are built in her grandest districts, each trying to out-perform the others with sweeping architecture and shows of craftsmanship


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