Why A Bestiary? Creatures of Vathis: Volume One

We decided around a year or so ago to begin work on our new tabletop roleplaying supplement, The Creatures of Vathis, after receiving feedback from the tabletop community as a whole.

People wanted to see the specific entities of the Shattered Hand, known as the Vastborn. GMs wanted to pit their players against what spawned from the depths of the eldria-infested Shardlands, entities known as Living Eldria. Adventurers wanted to face the automatons left behind by the expansive Anuald empire, known as Forsaken. Aspirants wanted to know what sort of creatures you might find in the mountains and forests of Washu – mysterious spirits known as Kami.

Within the expansive tome that we have prepared for you, we have placed beings of these new types, along with many others.

We hope these creatures challenge your heroes and enemies alike. The beasts and monsters and mounts and companions found within The Creatures of Vathis specifically reside within or near the borders of our world’s nations, making them an immediate threat to the safety of the citizens found within. Information on small companions for adventurers are also included, such as the fey-squirrels known as the orava, and the small companion kami called the everburning. Pages have been set aside to detail the flying mounts of Darastrix, the drakes; as well as information regarding the eldricorn, and the world-renowned eldric skywhales.

We hope you look forward to checking out the interior of The Creatures of Vathis as much as we enjoyed writing and creating the beasts and creatures found within.

For your enjoyment, we’ve included an example of the artwork that will be showcased in the supplement. The artist Chris Stoll, who provided us with the existing artwork for skywhales, the eldricorn, and koalari, will be completing artwork for this book, and Helen Mask will once again be illustrating our cover.

You can support this new endeavor and snag a copy for yourself when our Kickstarter goes live on February 1st of this year. We look forward to hearing from you!


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