As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 9

Episode Synopsis

The Docks
After hearing the Seven Sisters are at the docks, the regrouped party travel to the docks. This is the largest warm water port in Isild. By perceiving people, it seems that the worshipers may be coming from Gloam. The Vathis Sentinels are dismissive of everyone, and pay little attention. The new Sentinel in charge of the ship is Concord Ball. The party talks to Elliot Whitney, the dock master and brother of farmer John Whitney that the party previously helped. Elliott says that the ship brings in food and some people. On this day, the ship leaves in four hours. Elliott knows that the Asteans have sixteen warehouses, not just the two the party knew about. He gives the party a map with the warehouses marked. He also explains that it seems like more crew goes in then comes back, so some of them are staying. The party tries to gain access to the ship as Veil poses as a merchant, but Concord will not allow them near.


Unable to board the ship, the party decides to check out some of the warehouses. They travel to the furthest warehouse south. There are no people inside, just boxes stacked haphazardly. The party looks in one of the boxes; it’s packed with straw and there is a glass orb inside that is eight inches big. Ana studies the orb and realizes that it is alchemist fire sealed in a thin glass orb.

*Party question – Was Dewdrop destroyed with alchemist fire?  

The party is attacked by eight people in tattered clothes wielding short bows, arrows, and daggers; they appear to be with the church. Combat ensues resulting with two dead, four unconscious, and two captured Asteans. They tell the party they were going to attack the dock master, who Lydia was supposedly hurt by. They think holy relics of Astea are in the crates, not bombs. They say that their mission is to bring the heretics to light, and they believe that Matron started the Darkest War. In the questioning one of the attackers lets it slip that he’s from Gloam. The party stays in the warehouse and Veil goes to talk to Holly to see what they should do next.


Crystal Inn — Steve 
Veil returns to the Crystal Inn to talk to Holly. Holly tells Veil she heard a loud bang in Steve’s room, so Veil agrees to check out Steve’s room and then she’ll tell Holly about her party’s encounter. Upon arrival at Steve’s room, Veil notices the door was kicked in and then pulled closed again. Once in the room, she sees that all the windows are open and finds Steve’s body and determines he’s been dead for at least a few days. While investigating Veil hears someone say “Well, well, well…” behind her. It’s Concord.
No loot.

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