As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 7

Episode Synopsis

The Bank and the Inn
After the sheep passed, a scruffy old man asks Veil for a silver, which she gives him. Once the party is back together they get a room at the Snowball Inn. They decided they should research the Blackburn family, and start doing so at a place called Old Glory, a bar frequented by veterans of the Darkest War. They learn that the family still exists, with two remaining members:

Sergio: 16 years old, lives in Tristan, who sold holdings to zi’Artrelles.

Luca : Darkest War veteran, was a Captain, and was diagnosed as mentally ill two years ago.

The party finds that Luca was the man that Veil gave the silver to, and so they go into the city to find him.

When found, Luca is dressed in nice clothes that are somewhat worn and are dirty. He is clean shaven, but he is thin and smells bad. He tells the party he has an apartment, and explains that most of his family was killed in the Darkest War. He has no more family in Anchorage. When asked about the Keep, he explains that zodi’ite destroyed it long ago. The family mined the magical substance out of the impact site and got powers from it, and after becoming magical his family ruled Anchorage. He says his family was killed in Dewdrop by a Vandiel. When asked about the fissure, he runs away from the party. The party gets the same vibe from him that Gurt had, which is a distinct underlying magical energy.

Astean Worshipers
The party learns that the Astean worshipers came to Isild of their own free will, and the church pays them. A worshiper approaches Veil and takes her to a warehouse that serves as a makeshift Astean church. There are seventy people in the room. Veil learns that they are in Isild to bring Astea’s light to the nation, as Isild worships a different pantheon and knows Astea as the Matron. They want to bring the Vath pantheon into Isild and ‘cleanse’ her churches. The Bishop here is Peyton Tyler: a middle-aged human. Veil looks around the ramshackle holy place and talks to a few people, then she says she wants to join and will come back with friends. Veil leaves the warehouse and runs into a girl named Holly, who claims to be sent by the real Astean church to figure out what is actually happening here in Anchorage. Holly takes Veil to the Crystal Inn. Veil, who tells Holly her name is Aspen, agrees to gather more information for Holly and meet her later at the inn.

The party returns to the Snowball Inn and discuss their next move. There are a few possible paths to follow, such as:

  • Astea church: help Holly and find out what’s happening.
  • Go back to the Keep and look into mining, the hole, and the fissure.
  • Original goal of going to Dragonheart to find the Vantus.
  • Research further into Dewdrops history.
  • Find more information on the dark scepter for Veil.

There was no loot from this session (other than old potato sack robes – Veil).

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