As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 6

Episode Synopsis

Gurt, Evara, and Green Glory
The party determines that this area is on the material plane, but the Vibrant has bled through. The fountain found here gives powers linked to life force. Evara gained power that will slow her aging for a while. In the meantime, the party stabilizes Gurt, and Gurt and Evara argue over her true intentions with him. Evara says she was never going to marry Gurt and was only using him for the fountain.

The party, sick of listening to their spat, decides to take Evara home to Anchorage. They release Gurt, telling him to return to Ssringgs and never come back this way. The party questions him on what is left at the keep, and they take his magical sword before releasing him. Ana bottles 19 potion-sized servings from the fountain to take with the party. They are a potent heal.

The Water
The sword was found on the outside of the well. It appears to be at least 200 years old, and it once belonged to a noble family within Isild: particularly the one who originally owned the now-ruined keep. The sword itself is a +1 masterwork great sword, and it possesses the ability so shed light as the spell Light, at will. It can heal 5 hp/level per day. It must have been left in the water for several months, and the water imparted some abilities on the sword. Violet is unable to figure out what this underlying magic might mean. But it must be something – the water impacts special abilities to anyone who drinks it, or anything that is placed in it, so it is only a matter of time until the party discovers its true capabilities. The party determines that the water may have the ability to restore life, but a person would have to be totally submerged in the water for this to work. They find a skull near the water, most likely near where the sword was found.

The Keep (Part 2)
The party returns to the keep on the way back to Anchorage. Gurt and his followers have left. Half of the party guards Evara, while the other half heads upwards to the second floor, which was previously guarded. A small hidden chest is found in the bedroom upstairs: it probably dates to the original owner’s time here. Veil attempts to open the chest and finds it trapped by a needle poisoned with greenblood oil. Later, Ana is able to extract one dose of the poison for her personal use. Also inside the chest are several gems, an heirloom bracelet, a sapphire-encrusted dagger, and one magic ring. The heirloom reveal that the family’s name was Blackburn.

  • Gems = 1,460 gp
  • Dagger = +1 glamoured dagger
  • Ring = Ring of Protection +1

The Hole
After exploring the upstairs rooms, Raziel wanted to take a closer look into the large hole at the center of the keep to see if he could determine its cause. Upon further inspection, it appears that something from high up struck the keep and pushed everything outward upon impact. There also appears to be a cave system below under the keep. The party decides to take Evara home and return to this location in the future, as they are extremely interested in knowing what is at the bottom of the hole. The hole is currently filled with about three feet of excrement. The party brainstorms what they learned here, focusing particularly on the Blackburn family. Basic knowledge lets the party know that the Blackburns used to own black sapphire mines. The party plans on researching the family, mines, and keep upon returning to town.

The return trip to Anchorage takes the party six days. They stop at the guard tower to retrieve both casks of ale on their way, but otherwise the trip is uneventful. Along their way Evara reveals that her last name is zi’Artrelle, and her father, Walter, is a member of Anchorage’s council. Upon reaching the city, the party goes to the Black Mouse to find Ulrich, who is actually Walter’s right hand man and an uncle-figure to Evara. He is there eating dinner. Here the party learns that the zi’Artrelle family is in possession of the keep. They are given 250 gp each for the safe return of Evara, and through banter they learn that there are no Vandiel cultists of importance currently within Anchorage. However, the city is being overrun with Vath worshippers of Astea heralding from Aurezia.

The Party Splits
Raziel and Hove go to the Vicious River Tavern to see Jamere Cooper, an Oseptian, and learn more about their casks of ale. It turns out that the ale of Blackburn Sapphire- an old and extremely rare brand. They sell the tapped barrel for 500 gp and keep the full barrel for themselves. Raziel then goes to Skindependent to acquire a sheath for his newly-acquired sword, and there he meets Faith Cooper. With her discretion he has a new sheath made for his sword. Veil goes to the bank to deposit money as Liayra…she is stopped upon leaving the bank by a procession of sheep being herded down the street.


  • +1 masterwork great sword (Raziel)
  • 19 potions of green glory (Ana)
  • Gems, including black sapphires = 1460 gp (party fund)
  • Heirloom bracelet
  • +1 sapphire-encrusted glamoured dagger (Veil)
  • Ring of Protection +1 (Violet)
  • 2 casks of ale (sold tapped keg for 500g; kept 1)
  • 250 gp to each party member for the safe return of Evara
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