As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 5

Episode Synopsis

Green Glory
Two hours pass, and Gurt takes Evara out of the back of the keep, flanked by ten lizardfolk. She is blindfolded, but appears happy about this, and does not look very troubled. The party follows them at a safe distance for some time before they reach a small fissure in a mountain. Gurt and Evara enter, and the other lizardfolk stay behind as guests. The party is able to easily sneak past the unaware guards and enter the cave.  The party goes forward until they can no longer move and the space is too small. They find the cave is magical and after several attempts all members can walk through with no issues. After a few more minutes of trudging the cave comes to an abrupt end, and the outside looks shimmery. They walk out of the cave and into a large clearing.

Ana, Raziel, and Veil are immediately happy to be here. Hove and Violet take some time to warm up to the new place, but they eventually adjust. There is not as much green here as one would expect: the colors are instead vibrant and varied shades, and all noises here sound pitch perfect. In the distance, the party can see Gurt and Evara standing around a natural spring. Evara has a cup in her hand and is about to drink from it…when Violet knocks it out of her hands.

Gurt speaks, and everyone can understand him, though they hear him in their preferred tongue. Perhaps it is the strange magical aura here making this possible? They talk and come to understand that he is old: a few centuries old, at least. He is full of Vibrant energy, and the green glory has fully imbued Gurt. He explains to the group that green glory affects everyone differently, and that Evara can drink from it if she so wishes.

The party engages in combat with Gurt who calls on his guards. They are defeated one by one, and Gurt is knocked unconscious. While combat ensues the party is unable to stop Evara from drinking, and she does, becoming awestruck to her surrounds. She seems to decrease in age, and no longer looks like an eighteen year old woman, but rather fourteen.

Loot: None

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