As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 32

Episode Synopsis

Enemies in the Trees

The things in the trees look on at the party. They are roughly humanoid shape and can cast magical darkness. Veil recognizes them as babau. They are emaciated figures, and gross, slimy, leather-like skin covers them. They are versed in stealth and assassination, have darkvision, and have acid, cold, and fire resistance. They cannot be raised. They are able to talk and teleport.
Combat ensues. Ana’s horse is felled. Upon winning the party realizes that there should be no more of these left over from the Darkest War and they must have been summoned.


After the party rests, the sun rises and the group moves onward. They happen across an old war veteran trading wheat, and he asks about the horse.
Aelric prepares a Sillarian breakfast. The party also learns that Aelric and Rowan aren’t freaked out by demons, and they had encountered some on this road last week.


No loot

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