As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 30

Episode Synopsis

Returning to the Portal 

The party heads back to the town, and they meet a larger version of the prince toy. The town itself looks like the imagination of small children – to the right is a large treehouse, and the top left, where the CORE facility is on the material, is a smoking ruin of a building. The party enters the castle here, and Haedra gives them ice cream. She tells the group about the Vibrant. It is set up into a series of courts, 17 total and each ruled by a Radiant Reagent. The night court was ruled by Savol, until he was murdered. They believe the Princess of Winter, Lynnea and the Lord of Shade, Prince Razeem killed him. The court was dismantled afterwards. Savol threw himself into his trusted blade and shunted himself into the material plane. Lucene was a part of it, a friend, the liaison between a ‘darker friend’ and the court. Haedra also explains that the ‘creepy guy’ came here five years ago with some weird people. They were wearing masks, and went west toward Dragonheart (through Shardfalls itself, not the Vibrant). Reassuringly, all the kids here are human.

The party decides to go see Savol. Violet decides to take the small prince toy (named Kale) with her since there is a large version here protecting the children. Lucene will take the group to Savol. The party does some leveling and rests for the night, and the next morning Haedra wakes the group up. She says that we’ll have to be here for four months if we decide to stay and see his body, or we’ll have to go back home and return at a later time. Lucas says he’ll go back, and the others will go too, if we take care of their parents. The party agrees.

Nevermind, scratch that. 

They arrive back at the circle of stones, where Lucene awaits. It is explained that this portal will open every four months for four days. They agree to come back, and Lucene says to come prepared – the ruins of the old night court are not hospitable. Lucene gives Veil a small wooden box, and tells her that within there are things to help her along. She peaks inside and sees a pair of gloves. Called the Gloves of Night, will increase her dexterity. Veil asks what the cost is, and Lucene tells her ‘continued servitude’. She says that Veil’s debt to the Nightmother will never be fulfilled. Lucene requires Veil’s return, and tells her that she can bring Rowan. She also gives her a small vial that appears to be filled with liquid night. Called the Oil of the Nightmother, it will last forever, as long as the debt is being paid.

The dogs followed the party as well. Once goodbyes are said, and the group steps through, they notice that two days have passed. Violet is excited to have her figure (which she is now calling Hanzo) with her. It is a figurine of wondrous power that can become six feet tall. If slain, it will return to tiny size for a week and need fixed.

Back to the Lily! 

The group sneaks the children to the Gilded Lily, where they play games and spend time in the basement. Lily explains to the group that some things have happened to these children that cannot even be said.  They generate a list of the adults who harmed the children. The party converses with her, and learns more things about the town, like that it tends to be a unified front. It is ran by a single noble family, the zi’Stafford’s, who have goverened here for ages. Claire runs the estate, and her three daughters, Amber (17), Danielle (12), and Julianna (12) live with her. The townsfolk think of them fondly. They are not on the list of adults who have harmed the children. They are also not sigiled, but are rumored to possess small artifacts that protect the family. Lily asks if we finally met Haedra, and says that she’s been here longer than we imagined.

That night, Veil goes to take care of the four adults who had been performing unspeakable acts on the children of Shardfalls. One of these adults is Sarah’s stepfather, who she kills in his sleep, unaware. She easily dispatches of the three others. On her way back to the Gilded Lily she travels along the rooftops, not realizing that she is not alone. Rowan catches up, stops her, and says, ‘it’s taken you long enough’. He sort of realized what was going on, but wasn’t sure of all the details, or how it tied together. Rowan tells Veil that he’s going wherever she is. They have of list of parents and adults who are given stern terrifying warnings, or even beatings, by the two rogues.

On the next morning the town is happy and celebrating the return of the children. There is a crowd in the town center. With the party standing in it, the crowd parts, and the group sees an older woman, presumably Claire, walking towards them. She is flanked by another pretty adult female, presumably Amber, her eldest. They have guards. As they approach, the party realizes that Claire is wearing one of the dark rings.


Hanzo, Figurine of Wondrous Power – Violet

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