As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 3

Episode Synopsis

The Gatehouse
While Hove watches for scouts, the party searches the gatehouses. They find a masterwork shortbow and forty masterwork arrows, along with a small assortment of longswords. Veil finds a weak bronze dagger. They uncover a set of stairs heading downward into a hidden area, but the entry is filled in and will require work to excavate. The party works together to remove the rubble and undercover a small storeroom, which is filled with rotten food and two casks of delicious ale. They also find a small chest filled with 55 gold, 221 silver, and 40 old copper which were minted in an age before our current one. Ana uncovers two potions of cure moderate wounds, and Violet discovers a few scrolls. The party rejoices over their newfound wealth and items, and they all agree that they will return for the casks of ale when they retrieve Evara and head back through the gatehouse on their way into Anchorage.

As the party is celebrating, Hove sees a small group of scouts heading toward the gatehouse. As the six lizardfolk approach the party rushes to meet them and dispatches them. That night, the party rests in the storeroom after taking great care to hide its presence here. They put an alarm scroll on the door, which goes off when the lizardfolk assess the area, but they simply retrieve their dead and take them back up to the keep. The party is not noticed and they do not attack, letting the lizards give their dead a proper send-off.

The Keep
In the morning the party travels toward the keep, which is mostly a ruin. In the watchtower there is a single guard, and the party is able to climb over the wall and sneak past him. Inside the stone walls is a smoking smithy and a large keep with some other outbuildings surrounding the main keep in various states of disrepair. There are six lizardfolk corpses near shovels within the walls as well, where the others were likely preparing burial sites. Aside from the guard, the keep is seemingly empty. The party goes into the smithy, and inside they find enough armor for about thirty people. A bedroom is attached to the side of the building, and after Veil pokes around she finds a false floorboard holding 15 gold. They decide to leave the keep, finding nothing else of importance in the immediate area, to return later that night.

Masterwork shortbow and 40 masterwork arrows (given to Veil)
Dagger (Veil)
70 gold, 228 silver, 40 copper (old mint)
2 potions of cure moderate wounds (given to Ana)
7 scrolls (given to Violet): Magic Missile (3 charges), Hold Portal, Alarm, Grease, Detect Secret Doors, True Strike, Rope Trick
Elk that Veil killed in the forest: 30 rations

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