As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 2

Episode Synopsis

On the trail!
The party heads onwards, toward the lizardfolk they’re sent to confront. A recent snowfall took place making the lizardfolk easy to track, and by the tracks left in the snow the party can confirm that at least eight lizardfolk have traveled this way. The tracks are about a week old. After four days of travel the party loses the original tracks, but they are able to find a more recent set of tracks that appear to have been made within the hour. Together in the darkness, they approach a campsite which appears to be empty.

Scouting around the area lets the party know that the lizardfolk tracks only lead in to the campsite. Someone is either here, or left stealthily. Together they determine that the lizardfolk are at the campsite hidden under mounds of snow. The lizardfolk spring out and the group attacks in response, dispatching of the lizardfolk quickly. They decided to keep one alive.

Questioning and Searching
The party finds no signs of Evara apart from a ripped piece of a dress. It appears that she passed through here around a week ago, but is now long gone. This campsite and small force of lizardfolk were the rear guard protecting the larger moving group. It is assumed that they were placed here and lagging behind purposefully to thwart off any would-be rescue attempts. This rear guard in particular did not take Evara. The party learns from the lone lizardfolk that their leader is named Gurt. He yells about ‘Green Glory’ over and over, but this makes no sense to us. All the lizardfolk in the group were an odd, almost sea-green color, and they were warm without being dressed in winter clothes – quite a dangerous choice in Isild. This group of lizardfolk are originally from a large swamp to the south of Sentinel Mountains, called Ssringgs Moor. The party decides to let the lone lizard bury his dead and return to his remaining family in Ssringgs, but not before taking his map.

Following the Map
The party camps at the campsite for the night, and the following morning they begin to follow the map towards “home”, which is not listed as Ssringgs. They travel for four days and finally come across a stone gatehouse. As a vasar (a flying race), Raziel stakes out the area, spotting four lizardfolk at the stone gatehouse. Beyond the gatehouse is a road along a valley encased by two large mountain ranges. The area is covered in snow, and a wide river runs through the valley. The fort itself is a mile on ahead. Raziel is spotted by the guards during his reconnaissance and combat ensures: all four guards are killed.

Crudely drawn map detailing Anchorage, the campsite, and “Home”
50 rations from deer
13 silver

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