As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 17

Episode Synopsis

The party encounters (and defeats) phantoms using portions of their statues as armor. They also find a secret crawl space containing pilfered goods worth 235gp. The party, having explored the entirety of this floor, decide to go to the next floor.

Heading Up

The first thing the party notices is that the floor here is dry and dusty. Razeil’s sword continues to look normal. The party investigates a room that is trapped, but Veil is unable to successfully disarm the trap, causing multiple spears to jut out from the walls and pierce Hove. He is severely hurt and knocked unconscious. Ana attempts to retrieve Hove, but she is also hit by the spears. Finally, Veil disarms the trap and extracts two doses of knockout poison, which is given to Ana. Hove is healed but still unconscious – he sleeps for eight hours. The party returns to Matron’s room to rest before continuing forward.

The following day, the party continues forward through the spear room, where they find a chamber used for meeting. It was most likely utilize by followers of Matron. Within the room there is a large statue of Matron, and the party finds 5gp, 4sp, and 2cp. Ana, looking for more hidden treasure, looks around the statue which comes to life and hits her. The party is able to defeat the statue, but the encounter was extremely difficult. They deduce that the statue was used to protect the former occupants of the room.

In the back of the meeting room there is a suite with an office and bathroom attached. It appears to be the high priest’s room. In the bed the party finds a decayed skeleton still wearing his holy vestments. The party searches the room for any clues pertaining to his identity, and they find a bag of holding in the rubble containing 500gp in offerings, a Belt of Giant Strength +2, a Headband of Intellect (skill focus nature), and a Wand of Invisibility with 50 charges. Under the priest’s bed are Manacles of Cooperation. The skeleton is wearing a Ring of Force Shield (+2 AC). Raziel is given the Ring of Sustenance.

Beyond the priest’s room the party finds a secret door leading to a long tunnel. From the distance, the party hears the faint sound of someone playing a harp.


  • 235gp worth of pilfered goods
  • 2 doses of knockout poison (Ana)
  • 505gp 4sp 2cp
  • Belt of Giant Strength +2 (Raziel)
  • Headband of Intellect, skill focus Nature (Ana)
  • Wand of Invisibility, 50 charges (Veil)
  • Manacles of Cooperation (Hove)
  • Ring of Force Shield, +2 AC (Violet)
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