As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 16

Episode Synopsis

The Hole, Continued

After investigating Lesigha’s sarcophagus, the party continues on and finds another room containing tombs. Upon entering the room the party is attacked by five zombies which they quickly dispatch. They then loot the tombs.

Traveling through halls, the party has to distract the oozes to enter the room they originally skipped. Through the door is a another room with marked graves, but instead of a mausoleum the floor is dirt. Further on another burial preperation room is found that is home to a wraith. The party manages to defeat the wraith, but when Raziel kills a wraith his sword turns black.

The party, still exploring, stumbles upon an area of holiness. The hollow spell has been cast here. Veil, a noir, is able to enter the area. Raziel’s sword is no longer black after entering the area, but it also no longer emits light. The party bypasses the room that the holiness seems to be protecting and continues down the hall, where they find a set of flooded stairs leading down. The opposite end of the hall leads to a set of stairs going up, and these stairs are dry. Before moving to a new floor, the party goes to a room containing a statue of Matron, where they also find holy artifacts and alchemical supplies.  Ana takes 400gp worth of alchemy supplies from the room without the party noticing.

The party leaves Matron’s room and continues down the next hall where they find the hole allowing water to enter the keep. Water is not the only thing here, as another wraith attacks the party and it is defeated. In the burial prep room, there are bodies of two lizardfolk that tried to steal an artifact from Matron’s room. The artifact is a small scepter. The party returns the scepter to Matron’s room and place it in the hand of the statue, revealing raiment’s for a priest of Matron and a mithril chain shirt. The party concludes that the wraiths were the two lizardfolk. The party returns on their path and finds another prep room with three large stone tables and unfinished statues and plaques. Three ghosts rise out of the unfinished statues.


  • 600gp worth of items
  • Ring of Protection +1 (Ana)
  • 400gp worth of alchemy supplies (Ana)
  • Mithril chain shirt (Ana)
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