As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 14

Episode Synopsis

Concord’s End

Concord comes out of the room flanked by 2 people. To his left is Peyton, and to his right is Salvation (Lydia). Concord tries to convince the party to surrender, but a fight ensues. He, Peyton, and Lydia do not survive the fight. Raziel is blinded during the melee. The party finds that warehouse 3 is a makeshift keep with a printer, and it explains how they have been printing their own newspapers.

The Calm After the Storm

The chaos caused by the Asteans calms over the next few days. Angel gathers all of the cult-like Astean worshippers and they are exiled from the city. The warehouses are disassembled, and Angel takes the bodies of Concord, Lydia, and Peyton. Documentation of the operation is given to an Isril diplomat that takes them to the Whiterose family. In the aftermath 168 Isril children are found in barrels, murdered by the Asteans.

The party learns that the alchemist fire was making the Asteans complacent, and there was a catalyst that was to arrive on the next ship from Gloam, in four days time. Raziel’s sight is returned by Holly. She plans to open a real church of Astea here, and the party makes sure that Sam writes good things about the new church. (Sam, interested in Veil, wants to take her to dinner and a show.) The nobles that were killed were the ones who sent out private investigators and stepped too close to the truth of the situation. Zack, Elliott, and John are doing well.

An Anchorage Adventure Comes to a Close

Two weeks pass, and the party stays for free at the Ivory Mirror. The expose of the Astean church becomes a propaganda piece against the actions of Aurezia. It is revealed entirely that Lydia was one of the high-ranking bishops of the Astean church and was sent to Anchorage to cause incident with Isild, where citizens were being murdered for their faith. It was reported that a team of adventurers thwarted her actions and prevented the death of many. This caused a group of statues to be erected in honor of the party; the statues were faceless, but vaguely resemble the party. They are placed at the docks, where people entering Anchorage will clearly see them. The party is also invited to a party at the zi’Artrelle house by Evara.

Dancing the Night Away

After some hesitation the party attends the event being thrown by Evara. Evara finds Violet and thanks her for saving her life and gives her a small scroll. She tells Violet that there is a small sum of money at the local bank in the name of the “stunning vasar”. The scroll is a deed to the keep they rescued her at, including five miles in diameter of surrounding land – the deed is in Violet’s name, and there is a note attached to contact the Vanguard Steel Company. 25k gold is in the bank account for repairs to the keep – it is in Raziel’s name. At the party, the group learns that a new cult is settling in the area, but they are followers of Dusyave, most likely in the city for blizzard season.

The party leaves Evara’s and returns to the Ivory Mirror. The inn is packed, and Kakara is very appreciative of the group for bringing him business. Kakara offers the top floor of the Ivory Mirror to the party and gives them a paper saying the room is theirs for all of eternity. The party promises to let him know if they are coming into town, but he should rent it out in the meantime as normal. Kakara promises to keep the party’s identity a secret. As a final measure, the party meets with Hammer from the Vanguard Steel Company to discuss a quote for renovations to the keep. He sends someone to the keep to put together an estimate of repair costs.


  • All debts are forgiven between Violet and Veil
  • Wand of Cure Light Wounds (34 charges) (Ana)
  • +1 magical breastplate from Concord, which will need some repairs (Raziel)
  • +1 studded leather armor (Veil)
  • Wand of Magic Missile, caster level 3 (50 charges, 2 missiles) (Violet)
  • Pack of scrolls: (All given to Violet except Undetectable Alignment)
    • Scroll case – unopened
    • Shatter
    • Scorching Ray x2
    • Frost Fall
    • Force Sword x2
    • Blur
    • Mirror Image
    • Invisibility
    • Alter Self
    • Arcane Lock
    • Obscure Object
    • Web x2
    • Bear’s Endurance
    • Cat’s Grace x2
    • Bull’s Strength x2
    • Eagle’s Splendor x2
    • Fox’s Cunning x2
    • Owl’s Wisdom x2
    • Undetectable Alignment (Hove)
  • Wand of Searing Light, 8 charges (Hove)
  • +1 Keen Elven Curve Blade (Veil) — Was Concords main weapon, adorned with Astean flowers on pommel. She gets them reworked into lotus flowers.
  • +1 heavy flail (Hove)
  • Series of six journals that details Concord’s entire operation
  • Small cache of gems/jewelry stolen from people in the area (9168g of gems/jewelry — Aurezian design)
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