As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 12

Episode Synopsis

To the sewers! 

Once  together the party decides to go to warehouse #11 and enter the hatch.  When at the warehouse, they find that the lock is missing. There is a giant stone hatch with a hinge, and two iron rings that must be pulled at the same time to open. It leads to a 10×10 hole. The party drops down into a set of sewer tunnels on a small ledge overlooking an aqueduct. Once situated, Raziel unsheaths his sword to provide the party with light. The walkways in the sewer are extremely clean, and the water is cut off in the center. They head towards warehouse 14 with a spring in their step.

14: The party hears voices originating from the warehouse above. The unknown people speak of a broken lock, and allude to a secret door. The group decides to back around a corner in case the people above decide to check out the sewers, but instead they leave, and the party decides to head to warehouse 13.

13: The party hears combat within the warehouse above. They then decide to go to the docks and see how many warehouses they walk under along the way.

12: They hear sounds above the hatch.

11: The starting point.

10: It sounds like there are large entities above in the warehouse – noises such as wood on stone being moved around.

7: There is a hole under 7 that opens up to the warehouse. It looks like a 5×5 grate that would act like a drain, and it is 20 feet in the air.

6: The party hears the orcs talking above, but they are unable to understand their conversation.

5: The party hears muffled conversations above.

4: It sounds as if there is a party upstairs, and suddenly the air feels very hot.

3: On the way to warehouse 3, the party stops and takes a right to go to the docks. They eventually reach a blocked off section of the sewer. It  looks like mortar and stone were used to block off the area.There is  water on the other side, and the party realizes this is how water is being kept out. The group starts to hear a squishing noise behind them. They backtrack to a T in the sewer and approach the source of the sound. In that direction they see a light coming through a grate. Hove tries  to listen through the grate but the sounds are muffled, as if the voices are underwater. Soon the party notices a small magical item under the light, which they determine is a Ring of Sustenance. Before rushing in to get the ring Raziel throws a rock at it and it gets stuck, then Ana shoots an arrow…right into a cube.


The party is able to narrowly defeat the gelatinous cube and its other cube friend. The ring was keeping the cube nourished and in place, while the other was cleaning the sewers. Fighting the cubes attracts people in the direction of the party, and they’re soon confronted by a small group of men from the training room dressed like Sentinels, though lacking their signature bracers. The fight is swift, and ends with four dead and two unconscious fake Sentinels. Raziel’s sword glows a bright red as it seems to drink the lifeforce from the fallen. The party loots 1pp, 14gp, and 534sp from one man who held all of the funds belonging to the fighters.


The party wakes the remaining two men. They lie and claim that they’re Sentinels, and they threaten the party that Concord will deal with them soon. Their goal was to protect the assets in the warehouse and keep the route clear of intruders.They mention Astea’s Grace, the alchemist fire bombs, though they do not seem to know what their end goal is. One man is named Dwayne Davis. These soldiers were brought here from Gloam. They learn from him that Concord is from Gloam as well, and that Concord  is actually a Vathis Sentinel. He is here for revenge. The party is told that Salvation is female, and gives the party the description of Lydia. She is in charge of the entire operation and the mother of Concord. Dwayne met her in the station office. They own a tenement building, but Lydia stays on the ship and Concord stays in the office.

The  men lead the party through the sewer to Guardian’s basement, which is near the other wall blocking water. They confirm that they’ve been in Guardian’s basement before, and they stole a suit of armor.


The party finds Zack and explains to him why they’ve returned. They also explain the contents of the warehouses and the impending threat of alchemist fire within the city, now within warehouses 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, and 16. More is being acquired for warehouses 11 and 14. The Asteans have been drinking the alchemist fire, but they must be using a different catalyst, as this substance is usually combustible with oxygen. The brewing operation is in warehouse 16. Though it doesn’t seem  to outwardly alter those who drink it, the party and Guardian both want a sample so they can analyze the chemical properties and determine what threat the Asteans might pose with the substance in their systems. Zack kills both of the false Sentinels and kicks them back down into the hole.

Back to the hotel… 

When returning to the hotel, the party finds that people have checked in on the first floor. They seem to just be visiting the region. Kakara offers the party a traditional Oseptian breakfast in the morning, which they politely accept. As they ascend  the lift to their suites and step out onto the balcony to admire the view and reflect on their actions, they hear the sound of explosions. Tiny fires burst into existence on the streets of Anchorage, and the city begins to burn.


  • Ring of Sustenance (Violet is in possession of)
  • 1pp, 14gp, 534sp
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