As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 11

Episode Synopsis

Episode eleven opens with Hove being curious over what else might be in the station. Holly and Elliot leave to take shelter in safe houses, and they take John with them.


Zack is surprised that the city has been infiltrated. The church of Guardian itself is extremely militaristic, and their goal is to protect the city. They’re willing to deal with the rogue Asteans on a marshal level, but Zack thinks this is over his head…he’ll check with Verity. The party is told to come back later for an update.

Station and Warehouses

The party finds a small rundown hotel near the station with a view of the warehouses. This place – The Ivory Mirror – is Oseptian in nature. It was once rather nice, but it’s been a while since this place was popular. There’s an eldric lift in the building, and it is ten floors tall. It is owned by an Oseptian man in his late 60s named Kakara. His son, Naneen, works at the hotel. Kakara was once an adventurer, but he settled down in Isild and opened his inn. His family is still in Osept, but he ended up here due to the Darkest War.


The party is given the 10th floor full apartment suite. It boasts a circular balcony and view of the ocean. The party agrees to pay 25gp for a week, which they think is a good deal, as the rate for a room like this would be closer to 33gp a week. The suites contain nice kitchens and would be considered rather upscale. The suite itself is the entire top floor, framed by stained glass windows that open to allow the breeze in. The lift is in the center. Each mini suite has a private bathroom. The center of the room spins to get to the other rooms. The party is thrilled to find that they can see all of the warehouses and the Vathis Sentinel station from here.

In his downtime, Raziel inquires about the state of his sword. He learns that either he became further attuned to the weapon, or the sword itself drank the blood of its enemies. Ominous…

Watching the City

Veil, Hove, and Raziel decide to leave the suites and check out the warehouses. There are twelve, and the three split up to explore them, eventually learning the following about the warehouses:


Warehouse #1 – Acts as a church for the Asteans.

Warehouse  #2 – The door is open, and Veil peaks in. This one, which is closest to the church, is lined with crates of food stuff. The crates vary in size and some are open.

Warehouse #3 – The door is locked and there is a guard stationed at the front door.

Warehouse #4 – It sounds like there is a party happening inside. Veil uses her abilities to blend in and enters, where she finds a hastily constructed apartment complex. Instead of shelves full of items, she finds shelves covered in cots and small bedrooms separated by cloth. They are all worshippers from Aurezia who are actively praying to Astea.

Warehouse #5 – There are guards out front of this warehouse as well…suspicious.

Warehouse #6 — No guards are stationed outside of six, but both the front and back doors are locked. Veil manages to unlock one door and peek inside. She will need light to make out what is inside. When shutting the door Veil hears someone yell “hey get back here!”, so she takes off, witnessing an extremely tall half-orc open the door. He pulls out long sword and gestures wildly at people nearby.

Warehouse #7 – This warehouse is smaller and made of wood. The door is locked but most of the wood panels can be moved. Seven is full of barrels that smell like salt water; most appear to be sealed. Veil open one that is full of a murky liquid. She scoops at it with a crowbar and finds a dead body inside. The victim is no other than the dead Vathis Sentinel from the station.

Warehouse #8 – This warehouse is full of alchemist fire.

Hove and Raziel  

Warehouse #9 – This warehouse is identical to number eight. The doors are locked, but they look inside and see boxes laid out in a similar to #8.

Warehouse #10 – Two large vasar are standing outside guarding the only entrance. They’re discussing the Essel Tournament. Hove tries to speak with them, but they don’t respond, so he backs away from the vasar when they draw swords.

Warehouse #11 – Warehouse eleven is empty. It looks like fourteen with a secret door and ladder.

Warehouse #12 – Full of apartments, so Hove asks who owns the building and claims that he is looking for a place to live here. None of the people in it live there (or so they say), and they don’t know anyone who lives there. There are thirty-two inside, so Hove and Raziel start to back away when the people within start looking at them oddly.

Warehouse #13 — This is a small warehouse with a small door. From within Raziel and Hove hear muffled combat. Raziel looks into the skylights and sees Aurezian men who appear like soldiers training.

Warehouse #14 — This one looks like sixteen. There are no people standing guard, so Raziel breaks a lock on the door. Inside the warehouse is empty: but they do find a large secret hatch containing a ladder that leads down. The two men put the hatch down and agree to come back later to scope this out. Normally this would be a drain, but it is suspicious that there’s a ladder.

Warehouse #15 – A guard stands outside of warehouse fifteen smoking. Within the warehouse, there is food and rope. Hove lies to the man and tells him that Concord sent the two to inspect things, and the smoking man said, “go ahead”. He brings Hove to a doorway flush with some crates that leads to a small room. Within the room there are weapons, and he notices that some are magical. Hove finds twelve sets of Sentinel bracers. The man presents Hove with a small chest filled with gold and rubies and pearls for pickup. Hove and Raziel bring the crate outside and they circle back to the hotel to drop it off before going to inspect the remaining warehouses.

*Within the chest they find 338gp, 84sp, gems worth 568gp; Oil of Magic Stone, a potion of Stabilize, a scroll of Death Watch, a scroll of Protection from Evil, a wand of Continual Flame that has never been used, and a wand of Scorching Ray with seventeen charges on it.

Warehouse #16 — Though locked, Raziel can reach the windows. However, they are blacked out from the inside. Hove knocks on the door but it seems dangerous inside.

Everyone Else

While Hove, Raziel, and Veil are scouting Ana and Violet are upstairs at the suites observing the city and warehouses from the balcony. They see Concord return with cronies twice. He appears visibly upset. Everything else is normal…perhaps too normal.

The session ends with the party meeting up at the hotel.


  • 338gp, 84sp
  • Gems worth 568gp
  • Oil of Magic Stone (Ana)
  • Potion of Stabilize (Ana)
  • Scroll of Death Watch (Violet)
  • Wand of Continual Flame – 50 charges (Violet)
  • Wand of Scorching Ray – 17 charges (Violet)
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