As Far as You Can Tell – Episode 1 Session Zero

Episode Synopsis

Episode one -Session ZERO!

Time to meet the characters, the players and introduce them to each other by any means necessary.

Meet the Party!

Violet zi’Frostbloom is an amari wizard. She is thirty-eight years old, which is quite young for an amari. She is played by Ashley.
Ana Fairwind is a human alchemist played by Andrea. Ana is twenty-four years old.
Veil is a noir rogue (unchained). Due to the nature of noir, her true age is unknown, but this life of hers has lasted a little over six years. She is played by Rachael.
Raziel zi’Zrakas is a vasar fighter. He is fifty-five years old, and played by JP.
Hove zi’Roglir is a dwarven warpriest who worships Naugrix, a neutral dragon deity. He is sixty-three years old. Hove is played by Joe.

Becoming a party

Before the party met, Hove and Raziel were fighters in the Darkest War. Their battalions were wiped out by a vantus, and as the last of their respective forces they became fast friends, even though there is often animosity between their races due to an age-old fundamental religious rivalry. The two made it their personal goal to destroy the vantus who killed their brothers and sisters in arms, starting with the fervent cultists who follow the vantus.

Veil, living some distance away in the nation of Isild, was a successful leader of a thieves guild following the Darkest War. Her largest heist was stealing a little more than 120k gold worth of heirlooms and gems from an unsuspecting amari – Violet – by slipping her a sleeping draught crafted by Ana, Veil’s apothecarian of choice. Soon after the heist, Veil accepted a job from Vandiel cultists to retrieve an extremely valuable scepter. She performed the job remarkably, and thought nothing of it, until one day she returned to her guild hall from an outing to find it completely destroyed and her fellow guild members dead. Veil, who barely escaped from the hall with her life, went to Ana in search of poisons and much-needed supplies. The cultists tracking Veil oversaw her with the alchemist and targeted Ana as well, killing her uncle and burning their apothecary to the ground.

After being robbed Violet spent her time trying to track down the thief who stole her precious heirlooms. She suspected that the thief was her former friend Liayra, one of Veil’s alternate forms and well-developed personalities, but through clever research and observation she discovered that Veil was a noir and identified the face she normally wore around town. She tracked down Veil and Ana and confronted them in a public display that drew the attention of the cultists to the group. Veil felt responsible for Violet’s unwilling involvement and assumed that both the alchemist and naïve amari would be dead without her help – so the three girls went on the run together, moving from town to town and hiding when the cultists came too close.

The group met when Hove and Raziel, who were tracking down the cultists, oversaw Veil changing her form. They confronted her, incorrectly assuming she was working for the vantus. Though they almost came to blows, the girls managed to convince Hove and Raziel that they were on the run from the same cultists the dwarf and vasar were tracking, and the five decided to group up and stand as a united front against their common foes.

Recent History

Recent History: 
The party has been traveling together for roughly a year, and most of the tension in the group has dissipated. Veil, conflicted between her past and present, has been trying to pay Violet back for what she stole from her. Although the gold and items are missing, ransacked when her guild hall was ruined and her fellow thieves killed, she feels responsible for the debt and is determined to pay her back. Hove and Raziel have a special bond as well, which often manifests in healthy shows of competition and friendly insulting jabs.

The party recently arrived in Anchorage, Isild, where they were contacted by a man who goes by Ulrich. Ulrich asked the group to find a local nobleman’s daughter. Evara, as she is called, was stolen away by a group of lizardfolk, which Ulrich found odd. Their presence in the area is unusual due to the cold nature of Isild. He informs the party that the lizardfolk can be found outside of town. He has little information otherwise, only knowing that they wear motley gear and carry bronze weapons. The party is offered 100g each if she is brought back dead, or 200g each if she is brought back alive. Light on funds, the party accepts these terms and sets out on a path toward where the lizardfolk were last spotted, a few days journey from the city proper.

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