Orava Companion + 5e Creature Stats

Orava are tiny cerulean squirrel-like creatures bewitching all of Asarus with their soft, pettable fur and large, trusting eyes. Originally hailing from the plane of the Vibrant, they were shunted back to the Material Plane with Leyathar in the midst of the Darkest War. In recent years, many of this species have been seen traveling with humanoid companions – a new phenomenon that one can likely attribute to the tale of the Sillarian King, Couric, who took the form of an orava for years. The world at large has expressed interest in the cute, skittish mammals, and it seems that they are finally showing an interest in exploring the world beyond their native Vibrant-touched forests. 

The orava are small and swift, and they are rarely found unless they wish to be. They can glide on their light, gossamer wings, and they can teleport short distances. When angered, their bite is sharp and painful. It is even said that the orava can perform small tricks of magic – which may be what is drawing magic users and orava together in friendship. Sometimes this bond transcends mere companionship and becomes something magically significant. The orava speak to their humanoid friends in a strange, fey-like dialect of Vavalish. These creatures tend to be intelligent, curious, and overall rather prone to mischief. 


With DM discretion and approval, an orava can become a familiar. We have created a feat to facilitate this in your game!

Improved Vathis Familiar: Your familiar uses your proficiency bonus instead of their own. You can telepathically communicate with your familiar while it is within 1000 ft. of you. For every hit die you possess, your familiar increases their total hp by 4.


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