Laniri Feast and Recipes

This week we focus on food and drinks that are staples in Laniri celebrations.

Food is a device to bring those from different walks of life together, and the Laniri is a prime time for this to take place. Traditions associated with the Laniri are diverse in origin and nature. Some traditions are religious, while others are ancestral, and some are even new and filled with hope for what is yet to come. The Laniri is a time for both gathering with loved ones and reflecting on the past and celebrating the year’s blessing and making wishes for the future. 

Here are some of our favorite Laniri dishes and drinks: 


The Sapphire Spire


As a diverse metropolitan nation, few things are intrinsically Aurezian. Many favorites from other nations can be found here, but the standout native libation is the tea-based drink named after the famous Sapphire Spire. This drink’s base can be any white tea, and butterfly pea flower is added to get the blue hue. Most add milk or cream to get a cloudy swirl effect.  This tea-based drink will give you the boost of energy needed to celebrate all night long.


Azure Sea Pita and Hummus


Cyprean staples include fresh seafood, homemade bread, and wine. Though not particularly festive, no party is complete without Cyprean pita and hummus. Each family boasts its own recipe and there are often competitions to determine which family will reign supreme. Ingredients are key, so the week before the Laniri there are sometimes kerfuffles with families stealing other families’ ingredients to win the competition.


Breaking Bread


A nation built by outcasts, Erygis boasts exports of wheat and spices. This once-poor nation stays true to its roots, and the most popular food citizens eat on the Laniri is spice bread. Though key spices and additional ingredients may vary, bread is baked and shared with the less fortunate. Breaking bread is seen as an invitation to help the destitute rise up and become more prosperous. Upon bread breaking, the parties each make a wish, and it is thought that as long as the wish is not too elaborate, the Zodiacs will honor it.


Salt Miner’s Beef Rolls


Need salt? They’ve got it. Darastrix is the leading salt exporter in Vathis. Spending long hours mining salt required a food that would not spoil while working. Enter Salt Miner’s Beef Rolls, a breaded pocket filled with jerky-like beef. While beef rolls are still eaten by miners, these salty treats get a bit of a glow-up for Laniri celebrations. To toast the hard work of salt miners everywhere and the continued prosperity of Darastrix, beef rolls are now made of sliced bread, thinly sliced sauteed beef, cheese, and an assortment of vegetables, generally peppers and onions. 


Winter’s Bite Hot Chocolate


Do you want to fight a snowman? Well, Isild is the place to fight off the cold, snowy weather. Each Laniri, citizens toast to warmer weather, another year without Kurzen’s Beckoning, and wish that someone would take care of the giant kraken in Dragonheart Lake. No toast is complete with a warm beverage. Winter’s Bite is a hot chocolate that is generally spiked with a peppermint or cinnamon liqueur.  Kiddie versions can be made by omitting alcohol and adding crushed peppermint candies or a pinch of cinnamon for a little extra warmth. 


The Lost Jewels of Leyathar


The lost city of Synethil reappeared on the Material Plane, and with the help of their warriors (and the resurgence of magic), the forces of the Shattered Hand were defeated. While the city was unharmed during the war, many of its previous artifacts were lost. To celebrate their past, this sweet treat is reminiscent of a world once lost. Flavors and colors vary, but “The Lost Jewels” are always magically altered to have the shape and sparkle of real gems. 


Dwarven Whiskey Jam


What’s better than whiskey and bacon? Not much. To celebrate the Laniri, the citizens of Mythrayne indulge in the things they love the most. Eat, drink, and be merry.


Sandstorm Pie


In the year-round heat of Osept, it’s sometimes difficult to find relief. A childhood favorite is a creamy, sweet treat that reminds you of home sweet home – the desert – but its chilled center gives you relief from the hot, hot sun.


Swampy’s Lucky Stew


An old tale of how one orc survived in a harrowing part of Rancagesh brought this Laniri favorite to fruition. Good ol’ Swampy, he used whatever he could find and cooked it up in a stew. It’s now a little more edible, but still retains the same look. All you need are some lentils and maybe a wild boar.


Laris Tree Bark


To celebrate the bond between amari and their laris tree, a sweet confection was created to represent the tree. Chocolate bark takes on many forms, but in Sillirai traditional toppings such as nuts and fruit are omitted and colorful candies are added as shining gemstones of friendship and family.




A common drink with a dark name, Blood Moon, is used to toast the day in Tristan. The name’s origin has been lost to time, but the tradition flows freely. Be sure not to drink too many, or you won’t make it through the night’s festivities.  


Washun Noodles


Washu has recently faced much strife, but despite hardship the Washun maintain traditions that celebrate their cultural identity. These noodles take advantage of Washu’s main export: rice.  Washun noodles are not for everyone, as their spice level can often reach almost unbearable levels, but this dish reminds them of what they stand for and the many blessings that remain.


Wine Sprite Spritzer


The mischievous wine sprites are often troublesome for the vineyards of Venoch, but during the Laniri their spirited fun is celebrated. Vineyard owners pay tribute to these strange little creatures and toast to a fruitful year to come. 




To celebrate the Zodiacs, most drinks in Vavaire are magically altered to glitter during the Laniri. Though almost all drinks glisten, this drink is black and reflects the stars in the night sky, paying homage to the powers that be

However you celebrate your Laniri, we hope you try at least one of our recipes! Let us know if you have any requests for future Vathis recipes.

Happy Laniri! To check out the recipes for these, take a look at our…


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