Isild “Ice and Steel”



“Ice and Steel”

Colors: Black, White, Blue
Banner: Wolf
Population: 8,012,381,
Capitol: Wintyr
Government: Unitary Zodiac Monarchy
Leader: Patience zi’Whiterose, Queen
Languages: Isril, Common, Trist
Notable Exports: Furs, Fish, Lumber, Rimesteel, Whiterose

Isild is a wild nation celebrated for her scenic shores and beautiful landscapes.

Her rugged coastlines are broken by frightening fjords and innumerable islands. Isild experiences a high level of precipitation despite being situated in the far north, and southern currents roll in from the Solar Sea which warm the nation’s winds. The leadership of the country is currently split between the royal Whiterose family and the Star Council. The zodiacs are revered in Isild as the highest power known to man, but the primary god worshiped in the country is Junon, and the kingdom is home to the religious mercenary group known as the Dark Knights who the goddess once led. The select few chosen to join the elite Dark Knights are hand-picked from the kingdom’s conscription force. The Isril are extremely loyal to both the crown and to one another. A deep sense of kinship can be found between Isril citizens regardless of the sometimes vast and unforgiving distance between settlements. Isild trades with barbaric raiders and her people are not known for being particularly diplomatic, but the northern kingdom and Vavaire have been staunch allies for quite some time. Isild is currently seeking to reestablish and reclaim Whiterose with the blessing of the newly-returned Vavaire, though the permanent worldfall encasing the city prevents these attempts. Isild has long-standing poor relations with Tristan on account of Tristan’s previous raids on the kingdom, and her leaders keep a wary eye on Aurezia to the south, who is known for rampant imperialism. The Isril trade in furs, lumber, mining, and fish, and the nation possesses one of the largest shipping fleets in the world, second to only the seafaring elven nation of Venoch.

Isild is located in the inhospitable northwest where life struggles to thrive and only the strong outlive their hardships.

Survival is the primary concern of all Isril citizens, with the success and prosperity of their kingdom following closely. Strength both physical and mental are held in high esteem, and one’s ability to contribute to society marks their worth as an individual. It takes a tough and coordinated community of self-sufficient men and women to survive the harsh climate conditions of Isild. Military service is mandatory, though not necessarily through marshal means, as the country depends on the might and functionality of her armed forces. As a whole, the Isril populace tends toward extreme isolationism. They are not particularly fond of outsiders and they avoid involving themselves in external affairs, which they believe is for the good of the nation.

The Isril fiercely revere the Starcalled who abound in the northern nation, the result of a culture of respect and admiration established in the days of the Legacy Wars.

Their gathering in the north is second only to the Starcalled of Vavaire when it comes to sheer numbers. Possibly related to the high amount of Starcallings in the kingdom is the heavy inuzen population found in Isild. The Isril typically respond to threats and slights with fists rather than words, but even so, the kingdom possesses a number of charismatic and effective inuzen diplomats. The Isril are highly skilled at negotiating prices with merchants and traders, and they always seek an even exchange as the very minimum of what they will accept. The financially shrewd populace has little coin to spare, and they loathe paying more than what an item is truly worth. Isild is home to a plethora of hunters and outdoorsmen as well as skilled warriors who practice the vital art of martial combat.

The north is cold and inhospitable, and most would say that life in these forests and plains is only suited to the heartiest of creatures.

The Isril are among those stout beings. The northerly winds keep Isild wet and cold, and the kingdom’s location causes long winters, short summers, and immense snow drifts. The Sentinel mountains are much to blame for the frigid temperatures, as the towering peaks block winds from carrying warmth into the country. Isild is known for endless tracks of hearty forests and frozen bogs broken only by central grasslands and the thick tundra to the north. To the surprise of many, the Isril are able to overcome the obstacles of climate and prosper despite the bitter weather, but their success is only possible thanks to centuries of struggle and adversity.


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