As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 4

Episode Synopsis

The Keep
At nightfall, the party returns to the keep. There is a large bonfire blazing and a sizable number of lizardfolk bustling around. There are more than 30 here, and all are a sea green color. Many are praising Gurt. He is humanoid-ish, resembling a lizardfolk and boasting a tail, but something about his demeanor causes him to give off a humanoid vibe. He is taller than the others by a foot or so, and his color shifts, unlike the static sea green of his devotees. He has a nice breastplate on, and he speaks clearly and loudly, with the temperament of a leader.

To the party’s relief, they spot Evara. She is alive and well, standing beside Gurt, utterly unharmed. Evara is dressed well and does not seem distressed. She is not bound in any way. The party is able to make out some of what Gurt and Evara are discussing, which is mostly her worry that her father will send people after her. Gurt and Evara seem to know each other and be very well acquainted, and she definitely does not want to return home.

In an attempt to learn more about the situation, Veil shifts into a lizardfolk-appearing form: specifically Thog, whom they met in their first encounter with the lizardfolk. As she walks into the camp, others start shouting at Thog, and Veil explains to her fellow “brethren” that the rear guard was attacked and all were lost, save for Thog. Veil walks toward Gurt and Evara, overhearing conversations between lizardfolk recanting the tale of how they stole the princess away. They admire how well the girl is adapting, and they say that Gurt will take her to see ‘green glory’ tomorrow. All lizardfolk go to see green glory one at a time, since it’s a personal experience.

In the Keep
In the keep there are sleeping quarters that could easily house one hundred men. There appear to be fifty-four total, however: the party has killed eighteen so far. In the middle toward the back of the keep there is a giant hole that Veil is unable to see the bottom of, and a hole in the ceiling above. It appears that something large may have fallen through the ceiling. The lizardfolk are currently using the circular chasm as a…poop hole. Veil leaves this area and finds a guarded stairwell, which she does not try to enter. There are a few other rooms on this level, such as a classroom, which is not being used. There is a bedroom/bathroom suite for a tutor, a room full of rubble that would have once been a trophy room, and personal quarters seeming to relate to someone of high status who knew much about the Zodiacs. It contains star charts. There is a library filled with books, and an office, as well. After scouting out the building and taking mental note of where everything is, Veil leaves and returns to the party. She does not wish to press her luck.

Loot: None

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