As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 18

Episode Synopsis

Exploring the Keep (Lower Floors)

The party follows the sound of soft music and singing to find a room featuring laris trees roots, small crystals, and two sarcophagi. Entombed here are Gwenevere and Maverick Blackburn. The sarcophagi are well-crafted out of black marble. It looks as if Maverick was holding a chest, and Gwen was holding the scepter. Neither sarcophagus is decorated with jewelry – just meticulously carved. There is no way to get into either sarcophagus. It simply looks like people on top of marble. The party is unsure of the material the carvings of Gwen and Mav is made from. Both statues appear to be sigiled: she has the Lord sigil and he has the sigil of Menki. The room is extremely clean and magically preserved. The voice is singing an epic ballad about Kurzen and the Blackburn family’s history. It seems to be the voice of Gwen, and it’s accompanied by a male voice.


The next room was once sealed magically, but it’s protective seal was broken. The room holds wood furniture, offerings, and this room also appears to be magically preserved. Tapestries and carvings cover the walls, but the carvings are not like the runes from the room before. Each side of the room seems to depict a rough history of the two throughout their lives. It appears that their overall goal was protecting Isild from Kurzen’s Beckoning. The tapestries hide an alphabet and words hidden in the pictures. They explain that Gwen and Maverick created the Guardians Scepter, and ten Guardian Rings were forged from deep purple sapphires that were tied to the scepter. The scepter has since changed and the sapphire at the top has turned an inky black. The party also learns that the Blackburns and Whiterose family banded together to rally Isild against Kurzen’s Beckoning. The room has dedications to both Matron and Ardor. Lastly, the party concludes that both Gwen and Maverick are human, and that she is from Vavaire.

The Family

The next door the party approaches was magically sealed. The dust here has not been disturbed. This room historically references the Blackburn family as a whole, starting around the Age of Legacy. It seems that Lesigha was early in the list, and Gwen and Mav are near the end. Veil steals a plain ring off of one of the statues.

In the following hallway there is a trapped and locked magical door. Inside (the trap was a Wand of Lightning Bolt), there is a large altar and a small statue. Matron and Ardor tapestries adorn the walls. There are two candles burning with continuous flame. Inside the hall there are statues with opposing doors, for burials. The names begin at the oldest and get younger – these are older corpses than the ones on other floors. Some of the doors open to pairs of names, and some are singular. The oldest date is 3341, during the Age of Legacy. The party heads up the stairs.

Raziel’s sword slowly drains health from him and begins to glow a faint pink. He feels tired.


Wand of Lightning Bolt, 5 charges (Violet)

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