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Traveler Review – Alien Archive 2

Starfinder has been a pleasant surprise to me as a tabletop gamer ever since its launch at Gen Con 2017. While there were other sci-fi and space-themed roleplaying games out there, none of them were as readily available or easy to transition to (in my...

Tabletop Traveler – First Characters and New Players

Everyone remembers their first time making a character. An empty character sheet is placed in front of you for whatever edition of whatever game your group is playing at the time. You think, "What have I gotten myself into, I just wanted to roll dice and...

Tabletop Traveler: Pathfinder Playtest – First Impressions

One of the first big things we're going to cover on this blog is the newly released playtest of Pathfinder's second edition. I was able to pick up the playtest book at Gen Con this year and immediately began skimming it and have delved deeper into it...

The Tabletop Traveler – Intro

Hello there readers. My name is Joe, and I'm a lead writer (among other things) for Starcalled Studios. To let you know a little bit about myself, I've been playing tabletop RPGs for over fifteen years now. Primarily I've played Dungeons and Dragons, but...

Raid Style Mechanics in Your Boss Battles – Part 1

I have seen a lot of final encounters in dungeons end up nothing more than a battle of hit points, as the immovable object that is the big bad meets the unstoppable force of the player’s murderous tendencies. This week we discuss adding mechanics to your bosses in Dungeons and Dragons.

Session One Ideas: Deshi’s Challenge – A fun way to put players together

Everyone has been there at least once as a DM. You and your players sit down to the very first session and as the curtains rise you describe the blandest tavern in existence, Complete with a bartender, a few barmaids and more than likely at least one shady character. Try Deshi’s Challenge for change!

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