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a DM Disclaimer

Total Party Killer

Nothing says fun like getting murdered or attacked by a fellow player. Trust me, whenever I get mad or disagree with another player – the first thing I do is let ’em know who’s the boss. Someone has to lead this party, and seriously, their character could use a good whippin’. Besides, it’s definitely how MY CHARACTER would react. I just want them to know who is the strongest/smartest/fastest/bestest in this group.

It’s not Me, it’s You

Look, I get it – you want to play a dangerous weapon, a loaded gun with a checkered past. Someone who grew up on the streets, someone who don’t take no guff from anyone! It’s great you have a fully developed backstory, something that will allow you to play a hair trigger – but keep it on track. Your character may be a quick to anger barbarian, but YOU are not. This is a cooperative sport and we can all be the best, without derailing the story.

Let’s see other people

I want every player to have a good time, and I especially want to have a good time – I’m selfish like that. But this constant need to engage in combat with your fellow adventurers has gone far enough. Just like any good bar brawl – its all about time and place. If there is a time where you and another player are totally at odds with each other, and it serves the story, by all means – BURN THIS MOTHER —— DOWN! But this isn’t that time, and this isn’t that place. It’s over.

I want you back

I know it didn’t end well between us at the end of the session. We both said things we didn’t mean but I know in my DM’s heart of hearts you can change. You can take some time and think about it. Are you really playing the game the best you can? Is Gargamel the Nasty not as awesome as you thought they would be? Do you know what you really want to be? Then come back to the table and show everyone how far you have come.

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