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A Lesson in Bacon Economics

Well laid plans are a DM’s best friend.

This is what we do as DMs. We read, we plan, we devise, and through this toil we build elaborate scenarios that lead to saving the world through what should be the most incredible adventure ever written. You have pages and pages of plots that hinge on key decisions. You play it in your mind, mesmerized at how awesome this is going to be.

Then your players decide they want to become pig farmers.

No adventure ever created didn’t have surprises that threw a wrench in the gap, and it’s always one you didn’t even consider. An NPC who was meant to be nothing more than backdrop becomes the focus of interest due something you said while improvising some witty banter.

Then your players DO become pig farmers.

What was supposed to be a joke about investing in a failing pig farm has now becomes a plot hook. Your CLEARLY pulled it out of thin air with the best intention of moving the plot along and they took your unintended plot hook – line and SINKER, and you didn’t even realize you had a pole in the water.

Now you have a full blown bacon factory fantasy on your hands.

It’s easy to say, “Well – I can just redirect them back onto the intended plot.” But any experienced DM will ask you just one question. Why? Despite your best intentions, you are now running a rival pig farm, committing corporate espionage and seeking outside investments. Without killing a single person and very little combat, your players are now conquering the world through bacon.

A bacon filled world sounds pretty tasty!

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