Law School –

Learning the rules as a new DM

I didn’t go to Harvard

That should be fairly clear from my average job, average home, and average command of the English language. I have never walked the storied halls of Wizards of the Coasts to study at the feet of the masters. I’m just a dude, playing a dude who could probably be disguised as another dude.

Community College is pretty good

I learned to play just like you – with a community of friends. We sometimes made mistakes but the story was more important than the numbers on the page. We all know that Gulgo the Weak couldn’t lift the door, but boy, in the heat of the moment we’re sure glad he did. When I failed my fourth Dex save and should have fallen to my death, I sure am glad that I managed it on my fifth.

Bachelors degree from an accredited university

After years of experience and many years of debate, I feel like I have a firm grasp on when to shout “OBJECTION!” and when to let the game move forward. Continue your education by reading articles from people like Sly Flourish, talk with other DM’s on Facebook or Reddit, watch live streams like “As Far As You Can Tell” (Shameless Plug) or the legendary DM Matt Mercer in “Critical Role.

Masters Degree in Thrill-onomics

Eventually, you will wield the power of imagination like a deadly weapon and know the books front to back. You will be able to quote Rules as Written as if it were the ten commandments. But never lose focus of the goal of the game. You are helping weave a complex narrative, filled with an intricate web of back stories and inside jokes. Gary Gygax would be proud to call you his friend. You have mastered using the rules as written AND the rules of great storytelling.

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